Los Angeles/Eastside

The Eastside of Los Angeles includes the unincorporated communities of East LA and City Terrace, and the Boyle Heights, Lincoln Heights, and El Sereno neighborhoods of Los Angeles proper, just east of Downtown. We also cover Northeast LA here, including Atwater Village, Eagle Rock, El Sereno, Garvanza, Glassell Park, Hermon, Highland Park, Lincoln Heights, Montecito Heights and Mount Washington.

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Heritage Square

A collection of historic house and buildings from the late 19th century moved from other parts of Los Angeles to a museum on the Arroyo Seco. Features guided tours of those buildings, often by people in Victorian dress.

SEE   —  +1 323 225-2700 —  3800 Homer St


Music Venue and Beer Bar specializing in Punk Rock, Hard Rock, Jazz, and experimental music; featuring local bands and touring acts from Latin America, Asia, Australia, Europe, Canada, and the US. Beer only. 21 and over

DO   —  1906 Cypress Ave

Lummis House

Arroyo stone house and gardens designed and built by Charles Lummis, author/journalist of the American West and founder of the Southwest Museum. Listed on the NRHP.

SEE   —  +1 323 222-0546 —  200 E Ave 43

Southwest Museum

Extensive collection of American Indian art and artifacts. Currently a subsidiary of the Autry Museum and undergoing major renovations.

SEE   —  +1 323 344-9445 —  234 Museum Dr

San Antonio Winery

The oldest winery in the City of Los Angeles, founded 1917, and the only winery operating in Los Angeles from the 1930s to the 2000s.

DRINK   —  +1 323 330-8715 —  737 Lamar St

El Tepeyac

Famous for tostadas and burritos, in particular the Hollenbeck Burrito and the "Manuel Special" five-pound burrito.

Los Angeles Police Museum

Located in the former Highland Park Police Station, it displays the history of the LAPD from its 1869 beginnings

Audubon Center at Debs Park

An urban nature center showcasing the native habitat that used to fill the Los Angeles Basin.

Auntie Em's Kitchen

Very popular breakfast spot in Eagle Rock, great food in a homey environment.

El Arco Iris

Good Mexican food and margaritas in one of LA’s oldest neighborhoods.

Eagle Rock Brewery

One of the only breweries based in the city of Los Angeles.

DRINK   —  +1 323 257-7866 —  3056 Roswell St

Regency Inn Eagle Rock

Standard chain motel; free Wi-Fi, TV, non-smoking rooms.

About Los Angeles/Eastside

The Eastside of the City of Los Angeles was originally settled in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It contains relics of a number of architectural styles, chiefly Craftsman, Mediterranean and Spanish Colonial Revival. For much of its history, it contained many of Los Angeles' ethnoburbs. Lincoln Heights once had a substantial Italian-American population, and Boyle Heights had substantial Jewish, Eastern European, and Japanese populations. The Eastside has always had a substantial Hispanic population, and today Mexican-American is the predominant ethnicity on the Eastside. Many prominent Latino demonstrations have taken place on the Eastside. The Eastside is also the epicenter of the various Latino gangs in Los Angeles, particularly in Boyle Heights and Glassell Park (The Avenues).

Topographically, much of the Eastside consists of rolling hills. Many of the streets on the Eastside are at incline, and there are several instances of stairways.

Source: wikivoyage