La Mirada

La Mirada is a city in Los Angeles County in Southern California.

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The Cyclery Bike Shop

A full service bike shop. Road bikes, Mountain Bikes, Beach Cruisers, Comfort and Hybrid Bikes, BMX, Kids bikes, and even push bikes for infants are all on the showroom floor. From Repair to sales of new bikes from Giant, Cannondale, KHS, American Flyer, as well as BMX from brands like Giant, Free Agent, Stolen BMX and many others. Also, fixed gear bikes from American Flyer, Retrospec, SE Bikes, and KHS are available too. A friendly and customer focused atmosphere makes this an outstanding chioce when choosing a bike shop to go to. Knowledgeable staff and friendly service are just a small part of the scene here. Great prices and wide selection are also available at The Cyclery Bike Shop. Open 7 days a week, 10a-7p on weekdays, and 10a-6p on weekends makes it easy to get whatever you might need related to cycling.

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Beach Galleria

The sign in English on the facade is smaller than the rest of the characters. It's a Korean mini-mall. You should go just for the experience, though if your not Korean be brave, others may jostle you to get out of their way or to cut in front of you in line. It's worth it though. This part of Buena Park/Fullerton/La Mirada is a Korean ethnic enclave. There's shops full of flashy accessories, foreign housewares, and a Korean food court where the only English words are Coca-Cola. The food is good though and the company is better. Sit and eat among the families or clusters of seniors (depending on the day of the week) yelling to be heard over each other. On your way out grab a coffee and a strawberry creme cake from Paris Baguette- delicious, if a little overpriced.

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The Boulevard

To get the full La Mirada-effect, you should cruise the boulevard (literally La Mirada Boulevard). Begin at LM Blvd and Beach Blvd and continue on until you hit Leffingwell. You begin on one end of LM's continuum, the new and ever multiplying tract homes indicating the wealthier end of the city (think: good side of the tracks), and end right near the Whittier/Santa Fe Springs border, where the dilapidated apartment buildings stretch out on both sides (yes, wrong side of the tracks). You'll pass the theatre, the city's original shopping center, Regional Park, the Cemetery, City Hall, the Public Library, Creek Park, and more. Plus, during certain times of the year the boulevard is decorated, delivering the small-town charm this little city manages to maintain.

Gondola's Pizza

Talk about a La Mirada staple. Gondola's is synonymous with pizza in La Mirada. This is another family business, but it's not always the fam that's serving you. It's often some teenage girl, so take the sass with a grain of salt. They serve pizza, pastas, lasagna, salads, garlic bread, etc. for dine-in or take-out. It's all good. The spaghetti sauce is a little on the sweet side, so you've been warned that it's not regular-old-marinara, but they do have other sauces. The pizza pie is amore, and that's all you need to know. The crust is crispy on the outside but smothered in cheese and sauce and more cheese. They serve the large bottles of Moretti, the Italian beer, which is hard to find in restaurants, so take advantage.

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La Mirada Regional Park

The park boasts green rolling hills, large oak, olive, and jacaranda trees, and a man-made pond. Its a popular spot for beach-blanket lovers and sun-starved students. Fishermen are spread out across the banks of the pond at all hours of the day, even in the wee hours of the mornin'. In the early afternoon, children and seniors are often feeding the ducks. It's a good place to bring the kids or throw a birthday party because there's ample picnic space (some covered, most with BBQ) all within view of swing sets and jungle-gyms. The park also has baseball fields, handball and tennis courts, and a brand new waterpark. Still, at the time of writing, it's probably best known for it's disc golf course.

Tam's Burgers

Another LM hangout. It's way less classy or kitschy than the Max on ''Saved by the Bell'', but hey this is real life, remember? Tam's is a real life high school hang-out. It's a burger joint, like Bob's Big Boy, they serve breakfast and Mexican food too. You have to try the fries and don't be afraid to ask for extra seasoning salt. They recently changed the fries and so they aren't as good as maybe a year ago, but the seasoning is what makes 'em. Almost everything is good, but steer clear of the pork chops.

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La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts

The LA Times once deemed it "one of the best Broadway-style houses in Southern California." Though the calendar of events is less than stellar, the theater is lovely and provides a satisfying theater-going experience. A typical season might include the stage adaptation of "Driving Miss Daisy" or the musical stylings of Engelbert Humperdinck. Local acts like the La Mirada Symphony and the moral dramas produced by Phantom Projects are usually well worth the price of admission.


British-owned grocery store which markets itself as "the neighborhood grocery store." Their name is their aim, but they also have good prices on produce, baked goods, specialty and gourmet items, and a wide variety of their own brand of products. The one downside is the bare-bones decor, it makes the place seem cold and uninviting. Never fear, take a friend to help you overcome the concrete floors and neon lighting, buy the place out and go enjoy it at the park.

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La Mirada Disc Golf Course

If you are unfamiliar with disc golf, it's like golf with a frisbee, only the hole is above ground and resembles a basketball net or a birdcage. You should come check it out if you're even the slightest bit intrigued. They have tournaments and the whole nine (well, they have eighteen, nine is the expression). You'll catch on real quick, just ask one of the local players if you can follow along. They're usually pretty happy to get others in on the game.

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Neff Park

The historic hub of the city located on San Cristobal Ave. It's generally frequented by local school children on field trips to the historic Neff House or for outdoor day-camps. There are basketball and tennis courts on the grounds. The Neff Barn houses a mini-museum of historic memoribilia from its namesake, a family of the early settlers of the city. Definitely, a must-see for history-buffs especially if they're interested in California history.

Creek Park

After you learn something at Neff, and play something at Regional, then you can come relax at '''Creek Park'''. Creek Park is what it sounds like: a park developed around a creek (actually, it's a man-made flood control channel, tomato-tomahto). Yet it's surprisingly secluded from the nearby traffic and shopping centers. It's a little lush ravine with sidewalks for strolling or biking and small wood-plank bridges, perfect for photo-ops.


Another chain, but an honorable mention because their bakery is probably the best in LM. The fresh breads are the best. The dutch apple bagel is to die for. They have free refills on coffee. If you don't plan on taking advantage of either the fresh baked goods or the endless coffee supply, then head over to Java Co. They're independent and need your business more, plus they pull a better espresso shot.

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AMC La Mirada 7

The unofficial main attraction, which has really boosted LM name recognition in surrounding cities, is this $2 movie theater. It is located in the La Mirada Shopping Center and shows last month's movies at a discounted rate. The seats are old and don't recline or have headrests, but the picture is good and the price is better. Buy candy at CVS a few doors down; the snack bar is not discounted.


In November 2007, a competitor for the ''main attraction'' title opened its gates to reveal a 50-meter pool and a pirate-themed water playground. Allegedly, the pirate theme was selected to reflect La Mirada's Spanish heritage, but it smacks of the Caribeean. Splash! (the catchy given name for) The La Mirada Regional Aquatics Center features two pools, a spa, and a water slide.

Big Straw Cafe

The cutest little family owns this place. They offer discounts to Biola students. Their veggie sandwich is scrumptious. They have a classic sandwich selection and on request they use that extra-thick squaw bread that melts in your mouth. Plus, you can get fresh fruit and vegetable juices there too. They also have smoothies and boba, if you're into that sort of thing.

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La Mirada Golf Course

Managed by the American Golf Corporation. If you have the funds, this course has fun layouts on gorgeous grounds. The course is also night-lighted for after-dark golfers. Check their site for the current rates. They also have a full bar and a Pro shop, neither of which is even remotely gorgeous, but you can always take your drink or your new polo onto the grounds.

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Creek Park Bike Path

A short but serene bike path. If you want more of a challenge, then you should continue on LM Blvd past Regional Park and make a left on Rosecrans. That will take you to Santa Gertrudes where you'll turn left (or head North). Turn right when you hit Imperial Hwy, zip over the hill, and you're back where you started (bike lanes and sidewalk access throughout).

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Beach Bums

Has flourished here as the only skate, surf, snow-board shop within the city's limits for years. It no longer has the market cornered but still boasts the best selection of top brands of apparel, shoes, accessories, and equipment for boys and girls. Don't let the giant Stein Mart in the parking lot fool you, there's hip stuff over here.

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Cabo Grill

Mexican food right outside the movie theater. It's good stuff! They have nachos that are piled so high with toppings you're afraid to pull a piece because the whole things gonna topple. The fish tacos are delicious as well. The best part is they have amazing lunch specials, so you can afford to try something different every time.

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Biola University

Formerly Bible College of Los Angeles (hence the BIOLA), does have some outstanding events offered throughout the year including lecture series, drama and dance performances, as well as live concerts. For example, in March they're holding a symposium on "The Strange Place of Religion in Contemporary Art."

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This is a part of a chain, but it's the closest thing LM has to a diner. Still, Millie's is no consolation prize; it's grand. They make homemade cinnamon rolls and in the summer, strawberry cheese rolls. Their chicken tortilla soup is the best anywhere. Then their biscuits and gravy are killer.

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Java Co.

La Mirada's independent coffeeshop. They have good coffee and better tea. They supply Wi-Fi and board games. There is sidewalk seating for the Euro experience of sipping espresso and people watching ''al fresco''. Live music on occasion. The staff is usually quite friendly.

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For the budget-conscious and the retro-savvy, this supermarket-sized thrift store offers a nice selection of clothes, books, furniture, housewares, etc. They're not as pricey as Goodwill, and they offer the same daily color-coded 50% off discount.

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Fashion Q

The local supplement for when the nearest forever21 is just too far for Mom to drive or the Brea Mall parking lot too daunting. You can buy a funky shade of nail polish for a couple bucks or an Urban Outfitters knock-off dress for twenty. Hit it!

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Regional Park

The site of the '''La Mirada Gymnasium''' which is home to various sport leagues and often open-play sports activities. Pick-up a game of basketball or watch the local Jr. and/or adult leagues sweat it out. See above for more park info.

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On Imperial Highway in the Home Depot Shopping Center is a pool hall with a bar. Across the street there's a Round Table Pizza that serves comparably priced pitchers of beer. Gondola's Pizza (see above) also serves beer and wine.

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City Dances

A father-daughter sockhop and many more dances year-round at the community center. Check the [ calendar] for the next city dance.

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Pisces Sushi

Friendly sushi chefs and wait staff, with rolls that are creative and sashimi that is always very fresh. Plus it's a decent venue, right in the heart of LM, where you can relax and have a Kirin Ichiban.

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Gifts Plus

In the same shopping center as Fashion Q but on the east end. Gifts Plus is pretty much a Sanrio store. Hello Kitty, Chococat, and other cutesy Japanese toys, pens, stationery, etc.

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Mr. Z's

Excellent service. They are very busy because they're new. It's fine-dining and we're talking caviar and Dom P, so bring a thick wallet. Classy and romantic, a great date spot.

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La Mirada Grand Prix Bicycle Race

The first week of July. There's always a good turnout.

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Concerts in the Park

At Regional Park in the summer months.

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4th of July Fireworks Extravaganza

At La Mirada High School.

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Easter Egg Hunt

At Regional Park.

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