thumb|300px|The main mosque in Kandahar, adjacent to it is the mausoleum of Ahmad Shah Durrani and the site of the Prophet's Cloak.

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Mosque of the Cloak of the Prophet Mohammed

One of the holiest sites in Afghanistan, contains what is said to be a cloak used by Prophet Mohammed. The cloak is locked away inside and has not been taken out since 1996.

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Kandahar Coffee Shop

Coffee shop with fast food service, snooker and Internet Cafe. Located in the central Kandahar. A nice outlet for evening gathering

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Continental Guest House

In center of city, has air conditioning and Internet access inside rooms. Food is avalible from own restaurant.

Kandahar Museum

Contains the paintings of Ghiyassuddin, regarded as one of the most important Afghan painters of all time.

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Lamar Restaurant

5 star rated restaurant with Indian, Continental and Afghan cuisine.

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Mumtaz Restaurant

Indian, Chinese and Afghan cuisine, located in a large hotel.

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Mausoleum of Baba Wali

Baba Wali, a Sufi saint or pir, is buried at this site.

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Armani Pashtun Kasi Hotel

B&B accommodation, provides own transport for a charge

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About Kandahar

Kandahār or Qandahār (Pashto: کندهار ) (Persian: قندهار) is one of the largest of Afghanistan's thirty-four provinces and is located in the southern region of the country. Kandahār is a border province connecting the southern region to Pakistan's Balouchistan province through Chaman and used to be the capital of Afghanistan until the late 17th century. It is considered to be an economic and political hub of Afghanistan and has always played a major role in the history of Afghanistan.

Most of its inhabitants are Pashtuns (Pashto: پښتون Paṣ̌tun, Pax̌tun). Many Afghan rulers such as; Ahmad Shah Durrani, Mirwais Khan Hotak, King Amanullah Khan, King Nadar Khan, and King Zahir Shah have originated from Kandahar.

Kandahar is surrounded by mountains. The capital is Kandahār, located in the south of the country at about 1,005 m (3,297 feet) above sea level. The Arghandab River runs along the west of the city. The Ring of Rivers lies alongside the city and lush green gardens enhance the natural beauty of the city.

The majority of Kandahār people are engaged in agricultural endeavour. The province has a population of nearly 913,000, with over 800,000 living in its capital city.

Kandahār is a major trading center for sheep, wool, cotton, silk, felt, food grains, dried fruit, fresh fruit including pomegranates and grapes, and tobacco. The city has canning plants and facilities for drying, and packing fruit.

There is an international airport in Kandahār and roads provide links to Tareen Kot in the north, Quetta in Pakistan in the south. Farah and Herat toward the west, and Ghazni and Kabul to the northeast.


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