Jiangmen is a city in Guangdong Province, just west of Zhuhai.

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The new citrus

The new Chenpi gets, the more clearly the incense, taste is more pure, the effect is better, the article is more high, known as the" hundred years of Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae wins gold"," the thousand year ginseng, hundred years tangerine peel". It is the Qing court tribute, Guangdong ten medicinal herbs in one," Guangdong Sambo" ( orange, ginger, straw ) in the first, called the hometown of overseas Chinese.

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Fortuna Spa Resort

The resort is located in the town HOH has the high yield rice demonstration area, production Taishan specialty Duhu rice, fresh and delicious, famed, Duhu town picturesque scenery, old times. Hot spring is in this castle show the water out of the ground, spa crystal clear water, salty, is a pure natural sea salt water hot springs, without any industrial pollution.

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Kaiping Watchtowers

Kaiping Watchtowers was founded in the early Qing Dynasty, a lot of construction in the 1920s and 1930s, currently surviving 1466. These towers is the old overseas Chinese in Guangdong as a defensive bandits, the financing of overseas Chinese to return home construction.

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Kawashima style

Kawashima is located in the city of Taishan Kawashima Town, sea ( Island )222.32 km long coastline, the island many beautiful mountain scenery, singular attractive. Among the most scenic island is possible and Kawashima, two island across the sea.

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Tea Hut Park

Jiangmen suburb of tea Um temple is a famous places of historic interest and scenic beauty, is located outside the town of Ma Yu Jianghai sea video foothills, away from the urban area about ten km, is a beautiful scenery good place.

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Aofong Hill

Ao mountain tourist area in Enping District of Beijiao, is150 meters, majestic mountains, pine as the sea. Known as the ancient stone mountain, the Ming Dynasty had" Shi Shensong green" is listed as one of Enping eight

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Mei Courtyard

Mei Courtyard compound (i.e. Tingjiang River dike Overseas Construction Group ) is located in the town of Datong River Fen side, in 1931 by local plum surname Chinese and their relatives Qiaozhu to create.

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