Italy (Italian: Italia), officially the Italian Republic (Repubblica italiana), is a large country in Southern Europe. Together with Greece, it is acknowledged as the birthplace of Western culture, once the core of the mighty Roman Empire.

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Trenitalia runs a wide range of train types: '''high-speed trains''' (Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, Frecciabianca), '''Intercity''', '''regional trains''' (Regionali, Regionali Veloci) and '''international trains''' (Eurocity, Euronight).<br />High-speed trains are efficient and very comfortable, travelling up to 360km/h and stopping only at major stations. They connect Rome with Turin, Milan, Venice, Bologna, Florence, Naples and other cities. They are also the most expensive train type by far. To travel on these trains you are required to pay a supplement to the standard ticket, which includes the booking fee.<br />Regional trains are the slowest, cheapest and less reliable, stopping at all stations.<br />Intercity trains are somewhere in between high-speed and local trains. They are generally reliable, but if you need to catch a flight, for example, it might be better to pay extra for the high-speed trains.

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Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori

NTV's ".Italo" train started service on Italy's high speed rail network in 2012. Their services have expanded ever since, currently serving Rome, Milan, Turin, Venice, Florence, Naples and other major cities. While they are not positioning themselves as a low cost carrier (focusing instead on providing a more luxurious service), for some routes and dates their prices may be substantially lower than the competition. Check their website along with Trenitalia's to choose the cheapest or most convenient solution. Italian people generally refer to NTV as '''Italo'''.

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Flag carrier and national airline of Italy. It's part of the SkyTeam alliance, also cooperates and codeshares with other carriers outside the alliance. Rome Fiumicino ({{IATA|FCO}}) is the main hub, while Milano Malpensa ({{IATA|MXP}}) has been relegated to a lesser role.

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Science and Technology Museum

In Milan, one of the largest in Europe, holds collections about boats, airplanes, trains, cars, motorcycles, radio and energy. Recently has also acquired the Toti submarine, which is open to visitors.

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Uffizi Museum

In Florence, is one of the greatest museums in the world and a must see. Given the great number of visitors, advance ticket reservation is a good idea, to avoid hour-long queues.

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Roman Civilization Museum

In Rome, hold the world's largest collection about ancient Rome and a marvellous reproduction (scale 1:250) of the entire Rome area in 325 A.D., the age of Constantine the Great.

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The Aquarium

In Genoa, one of the largest and most beautiful in the world, is in the '''Porto Antico''' (ancient port) in an area completely renewed by architect Renzo Piano in 1992.

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Brera art gallery

In Milan is a prestigious museum held in a fine 17th-century palace, which boasts several paintings, including notable ones from the Renaissance era.

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Meridiana Fly

Mostly active in Sardinia, offers seasonal filghts to New York, London, Moscow, Tel Aviv and some other international locations.

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Automobile Museum

In Turin, one of the largest in the world, with a 170 car collection covering the entire history of automobiles.

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National Cinema Museum

In Turin, located inside the wonderful '''Mole Antonelliana''', historical building and symbol of the city.

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Egyptian Museum

In Turin, holds the second-largest Egyptian collection in the world, after Egypt's Cairo Museum collection.

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Blu Express

Mainly focused on domestic routes, links Rome Fiumicino with some international destinations.

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Ten bases plus eleven more destinations in Italy.

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Wizz Air

Links some italian airports with Eastern Europe.

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Two bases and many destinations in Italy.

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The Etruscan Academy Museum of the City of Cortona

In Cortona, Tuscany.

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About Italy

Italy is largely a peninsula situated on the Mediterranean Sea, bordering France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia in the north. The country, which is boot-shaped, is surrounded by the Ligurian Sea, the Sardinian Sea, and the Tyrrhenian Sea in the west, the Sicilian and Ionian Sea in the South, and Adriatic Sea in the East. Italian is the official language spoken by the majority of the population, but as you travel throughout the country, you will find there are distinct Italian dialects corresponding to the region you are in. Italy has a very diverse landscape, but can be primarily described as mountainous including the Alps and the Apennines mountain ranges that run through the vast majority of it. Italy has two major islands as part of its country: Sardinia, which is an island off the west coast of Italy, and Sicily, which is at the southern tip (the "toe") of the boot. Italy has a population of around 60 million. The capital is Rome.

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