Gubbio is a lovely small walled medieval city in Umbria in central Italy. It is located to the northeast of Perugia on the slopes of Monte Ingino.

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Museo Civico

An archaeological museum and art gallery. Notable for the The Iguvine Tablets, which were seven bronze tablets discovered in Gubbio in 1444. They are also known as the Eugubian tablets. The earliest ones were probably written in the 3rd century BC. The tablets are written in the Umbrian language and shed much light on the grammar of this ancient dead language.

Palazzo dei Consoli

Built in 1332‑1337, this is an impressive public building. It required tremendous engineering work to create a large enough flat space on the side of a hill in order to construct the Palace, which together with the Piazza della Signoria in front of it, was erected on a massive arched structure.

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Castello di Petroia Hotel

Localita' Petroia - 06020 Scritto di Gubbio. Situated on a strategic location between Gubbio and Perugia overlooking the Chiascio valley. Petroia Castle has been the scene of many important events of the 12th to 14th centuries. €110-250 for a double.

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Piazza 40 Martiri

The piazza commemorates 40 people of Gubbio shot by German forces in June 1944. A mausoleum has been erected in their honour. In the piazza is the church of St. Francis (S. Francesco), after St. Francis of Assisi who lived in Gubbio for a time.

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This is a Gothic 14th-century church. The façade, which was restored in the 16th century, has a beautiful Gothic portal and is richly decorated. Inside there are ten arches that support the roof. Contains some interesting paintings.

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Palazzo Ducale

An ancient palace that was restructured in the 15th Century in Renaissance style. Many of the original furnishings ended up in the Metropolitan Museum of New York.

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Basilica of St. Ubaldo

St. Ubaldo is the patron saint of Gubbio and his ashes are preserved in an urn on an altar in the church. The cloister is particularly attractive.

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Hotel Tre Ceri di Gubbio

Entirely restored in 2001 the hotel Tre Ceri is composed of two buildings from around the 14th century near via dei Consoli.

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Roman Theatre

This well-preserved building hosts various cultural events in the summer months.

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Fountain of the Mad

Supposedly, if you run round it three times you will also become mad!

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