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Gjakova, Kosovo

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The tour includes all the major cultural monuments starting from Avdullah Pashë Dreni Kulla followed by the Shejh Emini Tekke. The visit continues to the Grand Bazaar, to the grain market, the handicrafts: quilt workers, saddlers, tobacco pipe makers, a visit to the 16th century Mosque of Hadum Aga then a traditional house for a tea break. The tour continues with a visit to a group of craftsman who create handmade wooden boxes. An opportunity to visit the Bektashi Tekke and the stories of the "Babai" (Spiritual leader of the Tekke). The visit is followed by a visit to the 16th century Hani i Haraçise (the masterpiece of the Grand Bazaar) and the Ethnographic Museum, an old traditional house with many interesting wooden carved pieces.

  Directions    Hadum Aga, n. n.

Phone: +381 390 327 850, +377 (0)45 676 015

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