Fabrica di Roma

Fabrica di Roma is a city in the province of Viterbo in the Italian region of Lazio.

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About Fabrica di Roma

Fabrica di Roma is 26 km from the city of Viterbo and roughly 300 metres above sea level. The Lago di Vico is also nearby. Local products include Viterbese peperino, also called grey tuff, a volcanic rock of which most of the old city of Fabrica di Roma is constructed. Red tuff and other volcanic rocks were also used by the ancient Faliscan and Etruscan people who called this area home before the arrival of the ancient Romans. The constructions of the Etruscan people are particularly notable, as they left behind very large necropoli (monumental tombs) in this area.

Though this area has been continuously inhabited since well into prehistoric times, the beginning of the written history of Fabrica di Roma itself can be dated to the 11th century, with the construction of the castle, referred to in a Papal bull of 1177, a particularly important milestone. Many Medieval buildings remain standing in Fabrica.


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