Deruta is a town in the centre of the region of Umbria in central Italy. It is mainly known as a center for the production of ceramics.

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Hotel Asso di Coppe

Two-star hotel with 21 rooms, also on the main road. or

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Hotel Melody

Three-star hotel with 55 rooms on the E45 highway.;

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L'Antico Forziere

A restaurant and inn with food not to be missed.

EAT   —  +39 075 9724314 —  Map

About Deruta

A wall of ceramics in the center of Deruta
A wall of ceramics in the center of Deruta
Deruta has been producing pottery and ceramics since the 14th Century. Why pottery production is centered on this small town seems to be due to the quality of the local clay. Deruta reached its zenith in the 16th Century with much of its pottery drawing inspiration from the Renaissance and from painters such as Raphael, who came from nearby Gubbio. There are more than 300 ceramic firms in Deruta today and it is still possible to visit the artists at work in some of the smaller shops. The larger shops, along the main highway, mainly cater to passing coach parties but to buy the real thing you have to venture up into the hill town. Much of the production is still carried out as a cottage industry. Unbaked pottery is first baked in the ovens and then taken away to be hand-painted, before being returned to the ovens for glazing. The quality of the glaze is a particular feature of Deruta’s pottery.


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