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Boat trips

Boat trips on Elbe (through Elbe Sandstones protected landscape area) to Hrensko (last town on Elbe in the Czech Republic) and Bad Schandau (Germany) or return trips from Děčín to Dresden (with tour in the city) or to Meißen.

Hotel Česká Koruna

Hotel with restaurant located right on main square in historic centre. The historic heart of Děčín is 1500 m from the centre of the city on the other side of the river, with main railway and bus station.

Decin Castle

Iconic landmark of region, history of Děčín Castle is very interesting and varied. Castle was reconstructed in both renaissance and then baroque style. Frédéric Chopin stayed and composed here a while.

Hiking around

Děčín is a great starting point for hiking in Central Bohemian Uplands, Elbe Sandstone Mountains and Bohemian Switzerland National Park. Hiking trails are well marked and go through the city.

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Synagogue in Art Deco style from 1907. If you want to see interior, you have to ring the bell and wait for a synagogue employee to unlock the building.

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Decin ZOO

Very small zoo. Mainly animals inhabiting the Czech Republic and a few exotic species, including anteater and tapir.

Swimming pool

Both indoor and summer swimming pool. Some other sport activities also possible.

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Old Town Bridge

Gothic bridge from 16th century with baroque sculptures of Czech saints.

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Pivovar Shopping Centre

Normal shopping centre with many shops, department store and cinema.

Restaurant Fabrika

Popular restaurant in a former factory complex.

Sheep's Bridge

Small stone bridge from 1561.

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Restaurant Tunel

International cuisine.

Pizzeria Ciao Ciao

Italian cuisine.

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Holy Rood Church

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About Děčín

Děčín is a nice city in the valley of the Elbe, close to the main railway connecting Saxony and Prague. Before World War II, most of the inhabitants were ethnic Germans. After the war most of the German population was driven out, fled or was resettled and the new communist government redesigned the city destroying many historic buildings and building panel blocks in the process. Because of that, these days there is more than one city center in Děčín, which might be confusing. The main railway and bus station as well as the town hall are all located on the opposite bank of the Elbe than the castle and historical old town. With a population of 50,000 Decin is the 19th largest city in the country. The old German name for the town "Tetschen" most likely has the same root as the Czech name, which becomes obvious when you hear it pronounced in a Saxon accent.