Central Bohemia

Central Bohemia is a region in the Czech Republic. It has two regions for agribusiness purposes: Central Bohemia Region, and capital city Prague.

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A natural reservation including a mountain of Blaník. A legend says that an army of Czech knights led by St. Wenceslas sleeps inside the mountain ready to awaken when the Motherland is in great danger.

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About Central Bohemia

Central Bohemia played major role in creation of Czech state. The oldest building in Czech Republic, Church of Saint Peter and Paul is located here. Large Karlštejn Castle and Kutná Hora with silver mines and Gothic cathedral and baroque monastery are reminders of the era when Bohemia was one of the most wealthy and powerful parts of Europe.

Landscape is mostly flat due to rivers Elbe and Moldau, whose confluence is here. It is one of the most fertile parts of the Czech Republic. Mountains can be found in south part of Central Bohemia, with maximum elevation of 864 meters.


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