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Andorra la Vella is the capital of Andorra. At an altitude of 1023m it is the only European capital to be located over 1 km above the sea level, and consequentially Europe's highest located capital.

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Parliament building and old town

The parliament building is a relatively modern building and you can walk around up the hill behind it and go onto the roof where there is a type of mini park. On a nice day, there is a great view out over the valley across and looking South towards Santa Coloma. From here you can head back up the hill slightly to the right and visit the old church of St Esteve. Behind it, is an interesting little area filled with narrow streets which is clearly the original location of the settlement.

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Department store with several floors. There are various family friendly restaurants, a large electronic goods floor, designer label floors, and a supermarket notable for interesting Andorran and Spanish specialty foods and red wines.

Bridge of la Margineda

This bridge dates from medieval times but is still in perfect condition. Nearby there is a metallic sculpture made by the Valencian sculptor Andreu Alfaro.

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Rec del Solà and Rec de l’Obac

Paved ways with handrails illuminated in the night. They are 2,5 km long. Starting point: Col·legi Sant Ermengol road and Tarragona avenue, respectively.

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Church of Sant Esteve

Dated from the 12th century. It is in the old part of the Andorra la Vella. Free-guided tour. The rest of the year only at mass hours.

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You can visit the spa/sauna/swimming complex Caldea. It is located at the top of the town in the large glass spire structure.

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Casa de la Vall

The seat of the Consell General (Andorran Parliament). Dating from the 16th century. Free-guided tour.

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Hesperia Andorra la Vella

Located in the heart of the capital, this hotel offers some fantastic views of the Pyrenees.

Husa Centric Hotel

Located centrally in the main shopping area. This is part of the Husa chain in Spain.

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The town square

This is a surprisingly peaceful place with a panoramic view of the Valley of Andorra.

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Church of Sant Andreu

Romanesque church dated from the 12th century. It is obligatory to reserve by phone.

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Oficina Nacional de Turismo

Information for tourists, they give also the maps of Andorra.

Hotel Sant Jordi

Cheap price, breakfast included. But no air-conditioner.

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Andorra 2000

Supermarket sells electronic, clothes and food.

Park Central

Park with small pond.

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