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St Grigori Monastery

Surp Grigori can be accessed from both the highway below it (this trail starts at confluence of Debed and Marts rivers), or the fields above the cliffs. The hike is a little longer from below, but the road is much better, shorter and easier to find. This one has much more of the lost to time feeling, and due to the hike, and the very few that venture out here, you'll likely have it to yourself. If it weren't for the graffiti, the feeling you just discovered beautiful ruins in the jungle would be hard to shake.

Odzun Hotel

A 1971 old Soviet rest house that has been recently renovated. Offers large modern rooms and cottages. Open-air swimming pool, billiards, tennis, volleyball and football fields, children playground. For some it's proven to be a very cheap and convenient spot to rest, with breakfast included. Surrounding forest and splendid views over the mountains worth a visit on its own. Transfer from the city is free of charge.

SLEEP   —  +374 95 717404 —  Odzun Village

Horomayri Monastery

The monastery is built in part at the top of the cliff, in part halfway down. At the top, there is a three-chambered chapel. Below, the walls of the canyon form one of the four walls of the structures. There are caves within the monastic complex, khachkars and carvings. St Mark's Church was built by the Princes Zakare and Ivane Zakarian in 1187. The other buildings were built by Abbot Samuel in 1206.

SEE   —  near Odzun

Anna Maria Hotel

Simplistic hotel run by friendly owner. It occupies the first floor of a 5-storey building. A bit rundown from the outside and very cheap. Inside simple rooms, a common dining room. Dinner and breakfast in vast amounts for 3500 AMD. Beware there are no stationary raditators inside, so in winter the rooms get cold and only electric portable heaters heat the air in the rooms. Free WiFi included.

SLEEP   —  055359170 —  Map

B&B Iris

Friendly, family run B&B. Comfortable, clean but smallish rooms with shared bathrooms. It is also possible to camp. The owners can help arranging transport, and they also organise dinners parties gathering all guests together. Nice setting and fantastic views over the river. Excellent meals. Can be a bit noisy.

Anoush Hotel

A beautiful little complex, originally started as a barbecue restaurant, it quickly became a dependable fixture of the area. Right by the highway and overlooking the Debed River and the forests beyond, the building is built in the traditional local style and is a fun place to watch life go by in this region.

Sanahin Monastery

UNESCO World Heritage site, and for good reason. This wonderland of incredibly well preserved Armenian architecture has stood for almost a thousand years, with little change. You can sense how the place must have buzzed with activity. Sayat Nova, the famous bard, used to sing here.

SEE   —  Sanahin Village

Hike from Sanahin and Haghpat

Get the free app (navigation works offline) and follow any of the paths from one monastry to the other. The shortest trail with least distance on paved roads is 6km and takes about 2 hours. It takes you through the steep gorges, a small mountain river and the village Akner.

DO   —  Map

Kobayr Monastery

The partially collapsed church once had magnificently exposed frescoes - which are now being covered again as the complex is restored. The setting is really nice, as are the views. Well worth the 15 minute walk up the slippery wet slopes of the canyon.

SEE   —  Kober Village

Khorakert Monastery

A long, hard trek from Alaverdi, over a mountain dirt road, the peak of Mt. Lalvar, and hitting the Georgian border, this monastery is has a very cool cupola unique to Armenian architecture in a lush forest - few makes it this far.

SEE   —  Jiliza Village

Odzun Basilica Church

A huge basilica, which has withstood the tests of time for 1,300 years, the church in Odzun is a beauty. There is an interest memorial on the site with carvings telling a story, and a large village surrounds the church.

SEE   —  Odzun Village

Lori Rest House

Cold water, toilet, bathroom and hot water in some rooms. Satellite TV set, telephone in the lobby. FB meal is included in the price. Playground, parking lot, café, shop. Café, tennis, billiard, football, volleyball

SLEEP   —  +374 10 566014 —  Map

Ardvi Monastery

Monastery built in VIII-XVII centuries consists of two small churches and a belfry surrounded by low-height walls. There is also a tetrahedral monument, khachkars (cross stones) and ruins of dwellings.

SEE   —  Ardvi Village

Haghpat Monastery

Part of the same UNESCO site as Sanahin, you'll have a hard time choosing a favourite. The labyrinth of passages, chambers, khachkars and views will leave you wondering how this masterpiece was built.

SEE   —  Haghpat Village

Gayane Hotel

Quite good rooms. Nice owners. Fantastic view of Debed river canyon, 5-10 min walk from Haghpat monastery. There is also a restaurant with delicious national food very moderately priced.

SLEEP   —  +374 93413705 —  Map

Akhtala Monastery

This beautiful fortified monastery has exquisite frescoes, large fortifications, great carvings and interesting ruins. Not many visit it yet, but that will likely change in time.

SEE   —  Akhtala Village

Tufenkian Dzoraget

Luxury western hotel, with excellent comfortable rooms, design, views. Luxury prices as well. There is also a restaurant with a full (and expensive) menu.

Khuchapi Monastery

If you make it to Khorakert, you should be able to make it to this soaring, majestic and lost work of architecture, further along the border.

SEE   —  Map

Sanahin Bridge

A hotel with lounge bar recently opened in 2014. Modern design. Only 4 rooms so far. Charming lobby. Extremely nice personnel. WiFi.

SLEEP   —  Map


Fully-functioning restaurant. As of 2014 there is some reconstruction happening on the restaurant grounds but they still serve food.

EAT   —  Map

Museum to the Migoyan brothers

Artyom Migoyan the famous aeronautical engineer, designer of the MIG fighter series, while his brother become Premier of the USSR.

SEE   —  Map

Tumanyan’s house-museum

Dsegh is birthplace of Armenian writer Hovhannes Tumanyan’s (1869-1923) and this museum is devoted to him.

SEE   —  Map

12th-century bridge of Sanahin

From this bridge it's possible to walk up to the top of the canyon and further to Sanahin monastery.

SEE   —  Map

Eteri Guesthouse

A few new rooms. If you need to find an owner - she works in Akhtala monastery.

SLEEP   —  +374 99 744 918 —  Map

Flora Simonyan B&B

Family run place with simple but quite decent rooms. Can prepare some meals.

SLEEP   —  +374 10 25 31 41 —  Map

Hotel "Qefilyan"

New, clean hotel surrounded by nature, with beautiful views. Restaurant

SLEEP   —  +374 55 210-210 —  Map

Aleksan Qocharyan B&B

Shared Facilities: kitchen, washing machine, tea/coffee maker.

SLEEP   —  +374 10 25 31 41 —  Map

Kayan Berd

Ruins of a small black fortress built in 1233.

SEE   —  Map

Guest House Artemi

Nice modern rooms in a private house

Church of Saint Gregory of Narek

New town church completed in 2001.

SEE   —  Map

Odzun B&B

SLEEP   —  +374 10 25 31 41 —  Map

Karo Yerznkyan B&B

SLEEP   —  Map

Bus station

OTHER   —  Map

Train Station

OTHER   —  Map


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