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when will he kiss me?

im 13 and me and my boyfrien havent kissed yet and I want us to kiss and I need some tips on how to hint him please help x!


When is the right time to kiss my girlfriend?

I want to kiss my girlfriend but dont know when is a good time to do so.. First kiss as well.. Dont want to do the wrong thing. Help me :)

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How do you feel after your first kiss?

How do you feel after your first kiss? I have a boy friend, and we are going to the carnival, and I asume he is going to kiss me on the ferris wheel :d I dont no how 2 do it, or when. Help!


kissing with a tounge piercing??

I got my tounge pierced and havent kissed anyone since then.. I need some tips here/ advice on what to expect on kissing and how to be good at it. :) thanks


how do i get my boyfriend to go further in kissing?

well we have kissed but I think he's a little shy... how do I get him to kiss me but... like longer and more? because I love him that much :D can I get some help?

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How/is it harder to touge kiss if you have a short touge?

Me and my boyfriend just start french kissing and seems like his touge is more in my mouth than mind is please hlep

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Neck kissing

Can anybody give me advice about neck kissing sounds silly but I want to try it so leave all good advice on it please


How do I guve my boyfriend hints that I want to kiss?

okay so... I want to let my boyfriend know that I want to kiss. but how do I do that with out saying anything.??? like what do I do to give him clues..?? :l


How do I kiss my boyfriend properly?

Basically I've just got asked out by this lad, and he kind of went to kiss me properly and I messed it up, I don't know what to do!?
please help!?

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How do you kiss a guy for the first time?

I have never kissed anyone. I am not quite sure how.
I need intense dirrections and steps that will help me through the process.


Is there a way to practice French kissing?

Hey I was just wondering I've never french kissed a guy before and I wanted to know is there anyway I could practise?

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how to kiss

im a teenager and I am really anxious to kiss a girl although I dont really know how any tips? what makes guys good kissers?

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What was your first kiss like?

I'm just bored and curious. I recently had my first kiss and it was with my boyfriend out under the stars in Yosemite. I want to see what other people's experiences were like.

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We haven't kissed

Me and my girlfriend have been d8ing 4 like 3weeks and we havnt kissd shuld I make a move and try 2 kiss her?

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How to make the first kiss special? Help fast!

My girlfriend is going to come over soon. I want to have my first kiss with her. How should I make it so its special?

All advice is appreciated.


When do I put my hands on her breast when kissing?

Well I made out with my girlfriend once but I just put my hands on her waist. Can I grab her breasts and butt when I make out with her next time??

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What is it with girls wantin to dare guys to kiss each other?

I commented on Some dare thing and all the girls were talkin about dudes makin out. I mean Really? what the crap!

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What] is it good to kiss a kid when done a bj?

Is it healthy? Is it nasty? I wonder about this question sometimes because some people say its nasty :l


How do I start a kiss

Well I want to make tha first move before he does
What are some good ways to make tha move I need
Help!!! Please

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Kissing Him.

I like this boy, and he likes me. I want to know how to make the first move to kiss him. I know he wants to kiss, because we have talked about it before. What would be the best way to go for the kiss?

Thanks for any help :)


How to kiss someone with small lips?

My boyfriend has really small lips. and I don't know how to kiss him. Our kisses are like a mess! I really like him and I don't wanna make him think that I don't wanna kiss him so help please? Thank you.!

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Is there a way to convince boy to kiss me?

It's my first year of middle school and I really want to kiss a boy but im afraid to go for it because he might reject me. Is there a way to convince boy to kiss me!


How shoul I kiss my boyfriend next time?

Ok well today I kissed my boyfriend fo the first time on the cheek and he kissed me back an tomorrow I plan to do it again,, should I do it on the lipps tomorrow or on the cheek again??


when should I kiss him

we stated dating on tuesday and the school year is almost over. I really like him, but I want to kiss him befor the year ends. the last day is friday when should I or if I should kiss him?


my first kiss with a girlfriend

ok ive been with my girlfriend a while and i want to know when the time is right for our first kiss keep in mind this is my very first kiss what should i do

p.s. im only 14 if that helps at all

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