Is it true that when a girl asks a guy to listen to a song, it's because the lyrics are all the words she's afraid to say?

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Well, there's no definite answer to that. I mean, I guess some girls might do that and others not. I tell my friends to listen to songs all the time, some songs just talk about how much they hate someone and I definitely was not directing that at my friends.

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Yeah ^^
It has happened to me :D:D:D

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Hahah no. Not all people do cheesy things like that. Whenever I've told a guy to listen to a song it's because I liked it and thought he would too. XD

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Sometimes that's the case and sometimes she may want him to listen cuz she liked the song

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ok thanks

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Dedications are common. I've had both sexes dedicate songs to me. If they want you to hear some song, then they want you to think about what that song conveys with it's lyrics and/or the general feeling of it. Listen to it and consider two things: How do you relate to the person who wants you to think? And: how does that song relate to your "relationship" with said person?

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Lol my mom will take her bf and have him sit down and listen to a song if the lyrics are things she cant express herself sometimes. Other times its just cause she likes the song though.

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hmmmm... the answer is in your question.

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Every girl is different. Maybe she just really likes the song, sometimes the words are meaningful and she wants you to listen to it for that too. It just depends. :P I think it is less likely for her to be trying to tell you something through the song, but I am sure that's the case sometimes. lol it really depends.

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That depends on the girl, the boy and their relationship.

Sometimes, yes. But not always.

Some girls will ask a boy to listen to a song because they want the boy to know what kind of music they like. Or because they want to know whether the boy likes their favorite music.

Some girls will ask a boy to listen to a song because they think the song is funny and they want the boy to laugh with them.

Some girls will ask a boy to listen to a song because they thing that the song is incredibly bad and they want to make nasty comments on the song.

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10x i appreciate it

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i cant really figure out the answer is in your question pls kindly explain 10x

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ANSWER #17 of 39 is really fun advice....10x sweedy

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10x for the answer!

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with conclusions ...i think you are right there is no definite answer...10x dear!

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yes he has a habit of doing so

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Most of the time, I think yes. Because I do that sometimes. There are things I cannot say, so better let him know through a song! :)

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then i guess i should pay enough attention to songs especially when someone special asks me to listen...thanks

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I've done that, but he still doesn't realize that that's what I feel.

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oh...sorry honey...then i guess you have to gather courage to tell him about it

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I would say so....Because thats what i do

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It may not mean that she's "afraid" to say it, it just might mean those lyrics express how she feels or she can relate to it. Maybe she is trying to tell you something in a hinting kind of way.

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Okay thanks for the reply

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10x for the answer

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Usually, when a girl tells a guy to listen to a song, it reminds her of that person in some way. It may be the words, the tune, etc. But it definitely relates to her thoughts about you.

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ok 10x very much sweedy!

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Yup ahaa. She wont tell him directly that thats why though. She just has him sit down and listen, whether the song applies to something she wants to tell him or if she simply likes the song.

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well ...i guess its a nice strategy

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Most women arnt afraid to express how they feel mostly because of a chemical in their brain that goes off whenever they talk. However, we all may be made up of the same material but we all don't have the same personalities. So depending on the woman I'm sure there are some out there who do play songs because they don't know how to communicate their feelings.

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thanks for the reply

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Depends. Personally, I've never showed a guy a song for that reason. I usually just show them songs that I like in general, haha. I'm sure some people do that, though.

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Thanks for the reply!

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one guy to the other yes my gf has me listen to songs cuz she is afraid to tell me things that the lyrics say

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