What to do when your boyfriend is sad?

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Do something to cheer him up? O.o

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Listen, be there for them, be empathetic?

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Sit and talk with him and try to figure out y he is sad and wat we cud do to change it

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Leave him alone maybe he hates you?................. Or yeah just find out why he is down. and than see if you can cheer him up.. but then again it is not your job too make him feel better, he may be depressed for some random reason and he is a kid maybe get him too talk with his folks?

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Just be there for him and be extra sensitive to his feelings try telling him positive things and just encourage him to talk about why he's feeling the way he is. Sometimes being overly happy when your bf is sad can be annoying or just plain rude especially if the reason why he is sad is serious.

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I guess that depends on if you want him to be sad or not. I'm sure a sandwich and a BJ would cheer him up or if you enjoy his sadness then make him watch a nice romantic comedy with you and go straight to bed. That should make him want to kill himself.

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ask him whats wrong and how u can help the best thing in a relationship is a lot of communication and trust if he doesnt want 2 talk about it give him space hell need 2 calm down some b4 hes reay 2 talk but dont keep asking him whats wrong ask him once and wait 2 see if he wants 2 talk when hes ready 2 talk hell talk 2 u

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If you're comfortable around him , just say or do something stupid in front of him or do something that might embarrass you that would be funny & fake your embarrassment . I do that with my boyfriend , & it works everytime .

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Thanks for the advice!:)

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make him happy :D tell him he so awesome! :D

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ask him whats wrong and try to fix it and or cheer him up

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Make him laugh.

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if i was sad i would want my gf friend just to be there for me and so i could hold her in my arms. and i would hope that she would not make fun of me because of how i feel. i am personally an emotional guy so sometimes i just need someone to be there and not judge

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sit down and talk to him about whts making him so sad n see if u can do anything to cheer him up

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sit down and talk to him about whts making him so sad n see if u can do anything to cheer him up

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grab him in sit down and talk to him to see whts bothering him n see if u can do anything to cheer him up or get his mind off of it to what ever is making him sad n hug him and kiss him

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Umm ya dont listen to him!

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I always give my boyfriends kisses.... and then it goes from there! :)

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Sorry but that didn't help him

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SORRY BUT THAT DIDN'T help me at ALL! okay scarlet I won't listen to him

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PERSONALLY: Leave me alone.
I sit around school all the times watching how this kind if stuff works
If he is sad, try to figure out why. If he wont tell you, dont push it. Try and comfort him, but dont let him get his way with you.
Or just play Call of Duty with him :)

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be a weirdo tgats what I do and most of the time they will laugh

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