Do girls find red heads attractive?

Answer #1

Attractiveness does not depend on hair color alone. I would find a large viking-type red head with broad shoulders attractive. I would probably not call a short and skinny red head attractive. Red hair alone is insufficient info to decide whether someone is attractive or not.

And then, every woman has got a different taste in men. Some other girl might prefer the skinny guy.

Answer #2

I think some gingers are sexy :)

Answer #3

Some will, some won’t. Everyone has different tastes. I mean I’m ginger and at school people used to pick on me for it but now I’m older, everyone seems to envy it. Now I believe that’s why I got picked on back then.

Answer #4

I DO! and rotten sheep of evil i will have to disagree with you because i love soft hair and some hair colors are more attractive than others, but thats just me.

Answer #5

It doesn’t depend on hair color. Infact, your external appearance is secondary. Different girls find different physical external appearance types attractive.

Answer #6

It doesn’t really matter to me– as long as the hair is clean and not one big knot–I’m cool with anything.

Answer #7

It depends on the woman of course. Everyone has different tastes :)

Answer #8

really well some do some dont its up to that persons taste

Answer #9

I don’t find them attractive at all, rather annoying really. But I guess that’s because of an ex-friend of mine.

Answer #10

Women have a tendency to be diplomatic when answering this sort of question… Being red headed myself…I can attest to the fact that the consensus is a resounding…NO!

Sure!… you’ll stray across the occasional carrot top who has managed to coerce some reluctant female to accompany him… but you have no idea what manner of ritualistic Scottish folk magic she has been vexed with. Either this or the ginger fellow has sold his sanguine soul to Ares for such favor… which also explains Bobby Flay’s success. Rest assured it is never the result of free volition.

The more intriguing question is how exactly red headed men came to be in the first place. Here is my somewhat [very] biased theory on the subject: In the ancient, forgotten past… red headed men were the unequaled masters of all they surveyed. We were head and shoulders above every other race of man that walked the earth. We were brilliant intellectually and physically. Bested in feats of courage and strength by no other extant men. We were so feared that even the pantheon of deities began to be threatened by the prowess of the ginger man… so much so that they saw it best to intervene. However they found themselves powerless against the might of the men who only feared direct sunlight… and being the marvelous tacticians that they were… the old gods looked instead to confound the ability of the barbarosas to progenerate… knowing all mortal men must die eventually. Women; being far more wavering, were made to loathe the ruddy corporealization of the fire that burns in the hearts of red haired men protruding from their heads… thus our decline.

But not even the best efforts of the gods have snuffed all of us out. We have managed to show up in unsuspecting blonde/brunette families… biding the time when we shall once again reign in our rightful places as the shiznit of all mankind. So… chin up… my red haired brother. Our time is coming.

Answer #11

It usually depends on the girl.

Answer #12

It usually depends on the girl.

Answer #13

Every girl is different. I, personally, love red hair.

Answer #14

I gave a ginger fetish. xD

Answer #15

i find that red heads are my turn on. theyre cuties!

Answer #16

Some do some don’t I personally love red heads!!!!

Answer #17

my opinion may not count much but i just have to say i dont even care about anything else anymore if a dude has naturally red hair. i think red heads are amazing. yes, i am a girl and i find redheads attractive.

Answer #18

I personally don’t find red hair attractive, but I know people who do.

Answer #19

I personaly don’t!

Answer #20

Depends, if you have a rockin personality….then I wouldn’t worry about it :)

Answer #21

Depends, if you have a rockin personality….then I wouldn’t worry about it :)

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