What is the point of having a best friend if they don't even know you exist?

Answer #1

There’s absolutely no point in considering someone your best friend if they start to act like you don’t exist anymore. In my opinion, best friends are supposed to be there for each other at all times - no matter what. Growing apart from a friend that was once really close to you can be super difficult, and I’m sorry if this is what you’re going through!

Answer #2

I pretty much went through the same process. You’ll know who are your real friends by knowing they’ll always be there for you. Especially when good times go bad/awful ;c they’ll come around and be someone to talk to and look up too, more than anything. The best friends that’ll never leave you are your family <33

Answer #3

Face it…..that is NOT a Best friend or any-type friend….

Answer #4

What exactly is she facing?

Answer #5


Answer #6

There’s lots of reasons for having a best friend. If you feel like they’re not treating you well, though, perhaps it’s something you guys should sit down and have a chat about it? It’s possible that he or she doesn’t even realize they’re doing it. Give talking a chance, if you haven’t already.

Answer #7

You can’t be best friends with someone who doesn’t know you exist. LOL

Answer #8

You can’t be best friends with someone who doesn’t know you exist. LOL

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