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How to convince my parents to let me get antidepressants?

ok I've had depression since I was like 10ish, because I was like homeskooled till I was 14 and I never really got to go anywhere sicne I didnt have anyfriends since I never left the house because I was homeskooled so I only got to see my family and th...


Is There Something Wrong With Me...Mentally?

I really don't remember when it started...Well,my estimation is a couple months...Anyway,I've been hearing really weird things:trains,footsteps,breathing,dripping.
I've been sooo paranoid,too. Well,ever since I was little I've hated being alone. I fe...


I am suffering from severe depression

I am suffering from severe depression and have been for quite a while now, and have attempted to end it all a few times. And I just cant cope anymore. The more I stay here and 'live' it out, the more dead I feel inside and the more I hate everything. T...


What does the OB/GYN do?

I think they check the area in between your legs. my mom wants me to go.she just found out that my period has been irregular for over a year. im in 8th grade so I didnt think it mattered. I just skipped like 5-6 months and she freaked out. I cant take ...


How can I stay confident with a huge zit? Need answers today!!

Hello darlings,
so this issues is kind of urgent and im looking for fast answer !!!
here we go... I struggle with acne not loads all over the face but I do get a random patches the get big and red and just ugh!! well a few days ago a pimple started to ...


Could he have some kind of listening disorder?


I have a friend and when I'm talking to him, it could be about anything, things he's interested in or me, his head starts to wander off, then once I've finished (and I usually finish ASAP so that he can get the point quicker and thus communicate ...


How to deal with my life when it sucks?

im 22 years old. im 5'8 200 lbs.I have my ged and I work a barely over minimum wage job. I have no boyfriend. I have no car. I dont even know how to drive. I live with my grandparents as I have all my life. I havent seen my mom since I was 7. my dad ca...


How do you cope with depression when its not normal depression?

Im so depressed in my life right now.
But the thing is my life is grate. Its my friends lifes that arent. I have boyfriend and hes amazing (not the same stalker creep I asked how to get away from in another question bbut a really nice guy). I have pas...


How do you gain self confidence from within?

I need strength mentally and emotionally this is my story, if you have deep self esteem issues from constant outside rejection by everyone, and most of the people take advantage of that, and you dont want to be a doormat, how do you gain your self conf...


Really need a healthy way to express big emotions

A little back story might be necessary but to start with I'm trans - this probably does have something to do with my initial question but it might not. Anyway it started about the time I finally got into sorted everything out for that, lets call it a c...


I feel like a little kid

a few months ago, I noticed I was getting a cavity, so I wanted to get it filled... and I've gotten dozens of cavities filled, so my mum made the appointment and I went. I havent gotten I cavity filled in years, all they did then was stick a light in m...


I Think My Mom Crazy

okay lets start with this
wake up early in the morning
i miss the bus
my mom gives me money to take a taxi
get in the taxi check my pocket i seemed to miss place the money
check my bag to see if there is n e money and i jus have enough to pay


I've Cut Myself. Help Please.

I cut myself for the first time a couple months ago. I'm going to a counselor now because my dad feels I need one. I went because of bullying and at home drama and problems. Me causing both because things just haven't been the same since my mom died. I...


Could I be bipolar?

My mother says I'm not,but the symptoms are all there. She says I'm just strange,and that it's not possible for me to be bipolar because no one in our family is. But the thing is...I'm happy,hyper,and full of sunshine,and rainbows one hour,then I'm all...


Do I have an e.d.?

Im now 14 and since I was about 8 years old food has been my way of controlling my feelings,
But I think I may have gotten carried away with it,
Because now I feel like im huge,
I feel like I can barely even walk anymore.
And im active, im a figur...


Is there anything I can do to recover my sanity?

Hi. I am a 19 year old male. I have been involved in many things ranging from drugs to the cia mostly due to my involvement with psionics from an early age. I just recently spent some time in the navy and was given an entry level medical seperation due...