Does baby oil help get rid of lice?

my niece came back from another state she was there for about 7 months. she came today i spotted head lice. the store is currently close to buy the treatment. :/ but i heard baby oil works. is it true? just until tomorrow.

Answer #1

No it doesn’t work, only the treatment works, well in my experiance anyways

Answer #2

It does work with combing them out. It helps the comb glide through the hair as well as encourage the lice to slip off.

Answer #3

it does work but you have to leave the oil in your hair from several hours as what it does it coat the little bugs and makes it so they can’t breath but if you wash it out it removes the oil off there body too and they can breath again.

Answer #4

I think so but I’ve also heard that Dying your hair gets rid of lice

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