What are these weird pains I get in my middle left rib cage (read more)?

There is just this one spot on my rib cage that hurts really bad at random points of the day. I have no idea when it will happen, but when it does.. it KILLS. During math class last week it happened and i almost passed out because every time i breathe it hurts so bad, so i tried to limit my breathing. I havnt told my parents because i didnt think it was a big deal.. so what do you think it is?

Answer #1

Cud b ur appendix, its best to have it checked by a doc

Answer #2

the appendix is in the lower right across from your belly button.. these pains are in the exact opposite area so i dont think its that. but thanks anyways.. i should probably get it checked out

Answer #3

Sorry wasn’t much help

Answer #4

I get this weird pain sometimez. It hurts to breath so i breath really shallow. But i have learned if i take a really deep breath it kinda pops then is better… it may be an air pocket? Im not sure but i think i know what u mean. Next time try that and see. It hurts but push through it fast and deep with ur breath. Might be what it is. Definitely get it checked on tho

Answer #5

Its kinda like how ur knee gets stuck and u gotta straighten it out and makd it pop…im guessing its the same in more painful area (ribs)

Answer #6

Best way to do is to consult a doctor. Hope you’ll be fine.

Answer #7

Yeahh i guess it can be explained as that. Its just shocking pain and i need to press on it to make it go away.. its weird. but thanks!! you helped a lot!

Answer #8

yea just take a deep breath and see if it pops then feels better :)

Answer #9

alright(: thanks!

Answer #10

That would be gas…Only 2 ways for that to exit..lol

Answer #11

i get them to they are more controlled if u take deep breaths

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