How do I know if I'm done growing, and am I tall for my age?

am i done growing and am i tall for my age? im 15 years old, im a guy, i have been measured multiple times but they are never the same, sometimes its 5’10” other times 5’9” others 5’8”. so i guess im between 5’8” - 5’10”. am i done growing already? and is this short for my age? or tall?

Answer #1

You’re just 15 and on top of that male, so most likely you are not done growing. Males, especially, don’t stop growing and developing until their late teens or even in their early twenties. You are actually quite tall for your age.

Answer #2

The only way to know if you are done growing is to look at an X-ray and seen if your long bones have fused. I would assume you are not done growing yet. Bone maturation dependent on oestrogen metabolites, and as males do not have as much oestrogen as females, they tend to grow for longer. I would think you would most likely have a few more years of growing left.

Answer #3

you should consult an orthopedic surgeon

Answer #4

You won’t be done growing until your in your early twenties. That’s when your brain is finally developed and your body stops growing.

Answer #5

It depends your parents genes if you are done growing. My brother is 15 and hes around 6’4 that’s because ppl on my moms side of the family are huge. Hes not even fully grown.

Answer #6

a doctor might give u a proper advice

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