Does having a breast reduction really help with back pain?

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Yes it does. My friend was a EE and she had it done. She can live comfortably now. She was in pain all the time. Couldnt walk or run for more than 10 mins. She is much better now

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Oh ok thx :-) my friend was wondering, hers r quite big as well and I told her I wud ask

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Oh ok :)

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Yes, breast reduction helps a lot if you have big boobs. Think about it, if you have really big boobs, they're weighted in the front of your body, which is all put on your back.
My friend's mom had to have a breast reduction because of her back pain.

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yes as horrible as it is to reduce a bounty that the gods blessed you with. it will help with back pain as having 15 lbs constantly pulling on your front will stress your back

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Im an h cup and used to suffer alot. However ive lost loads of weight and I exercise (weights and cardio) 3 times a week and back pain.

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