what should i do if that person keeps thinking about suicide?

I have this friend shes always depressed, always thinking about death..i don’t know what to do anymore she used to be a bubbly person now she lost interest in life and everytime i call she doesn’t answer i go to her house shes always sitting inhaling and exhaling she told me she can’t take it, the only way to stop pain is to put commit suicide, she said depression is killing her..i am so scared for her, i have school and a life to live, i can’t be baby sitting her.. i walk into her house in fear thinking i will find her dead :’(

Answer #1

she has got depression so better option is that make her busy in comfortable work. if you cant then better get treatment from good psychiatrist

Answer #2

take that person out.. try to bring them back to the good old days

Answer #3

If you know her parents and respect them and get along ok with them, you should tell them about what she’s been saying to you and how concerned you are for her. If not her parents, then some other responsible adult, like at school.

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