Can i sleep in class while wearing prescription contacts?

I just got them today & the lady said I can't wear them overnight. The most I sleep in class is like 25 minutes, I'm afraid they'll get stuck at the top of my eye or something.

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It's definitely not recommended. But I've fallen asleep during class with my contacts countless times. When you wake, it'll feel real dry, usually if you get your eyes moist it will move back on its own to its because it's made to fit around your iris? I forgot the name of the part. But do try to avoid sleeping with them on, it's easier to get infections with them on and sleeping with them on makes it less 'breathable' for your eyes.

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It was cornea i think, not iris.

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You mightest well squeeze -.- off a few winks. But be careful. . I'm betting that you can't actually go without sleeping.

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Nope not even gonna try. Read somewhere online if the contact gets dry while I'm sleepig it can take off a layer of my cornea. :l

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Are you serious - A whole layer?

So much for sleep'n Twi. . Those days are gone.

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the sleep which we experience in class is much more pleasant then any sleep. i have experienced it a lot of times

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I know it's so upsetting :(

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Depends on the contacts and your eyes. Technically, I can sleep with my contacts in for up to a week, however this doesnt work for me as my eyes are too dry, and even napping with them in can be really uncomfortable for me.

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I know. I usually finish my work before other people & I just sleep the rest of the period.

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