Is it a good idea to take calcium supplements when taking estrogen pills?

Answer #1

Talk to your doctor.

Answer #2

i would go to your doctor. its better to be safe then to be sorry

Answer #3

I would tell you to ask your doctor about consuming estrogen with calcium before trying it.

It’s not horribly bad to consume together since estrogen actually increases absorption rate of calcium carbonate, BUT this may also cause severe low blood pressure (LBP) and of course Kidney Stones/Kidney Disease. Estrogen pills containing ingredients like estradiol and ethinyl estradiol may cause the body to absorb higher amounts of calcium which leads to impaired functions of the kidneys, which then leads to higher absorption of zinc, magnesium, and lead causing stones or disease.

Before you try, ask your doctor to see if you can consume it this way.

Answer #4

Thx so much for the info, I am actually on Estrodiol and u told me things and risks I didn’t know so I will b sure and talk to my doc first. Again appreciative for the info :-)

Answer #5

Your welcome. :) Estradiol is a common ingredient in estrogen pills. Mainly found in soy products but in very low amounts. Estradiol works better if you avoid citrus fruits since citrus fruits (pineapples and certain berries) contain chrysin which acts as an aromatase inhibitor (aromatization is how estrogen is made).

Answer #6

Cool thanks for the tips. I really appreciate the info :-)

Answer #7

Sure thing. :) Here to help any time. :D

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