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Infected ingrown hair

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How do I smooth out rough skin on vagina due to shaving?

Hi I made the mistake of shaving my pubic hair and because it's very sensitive the area darkened. Also I notice that I have razor bumps that did not completely go away. It looks really rough instead of smooth like the rest of my skin. Now because of th...


10 questions about belly button piercings

I have a lot of questions about belly button piercings

1. how bad is the pain 1-10 (10 being really bad)?
2. does it hurt more if your really skinny or bigger or does it matter?
3. how much does it usually cost?
4. is there an age limit?
5. how fast i...


What should a lip piercing look like while its healing?

ok so I've had my lip (lower right) pierced for about a week now...and im using salt water (for the inside) and soap and warm water to clean it (any other suggestions for cleaning it) ... on the iniside there is this white scab looking thing, kinda lo...


Shaving down there to wear a cute bathing suit going to camp and this year they only allow us to wear one pieces so I went to old navy to find one and it was so cute but it showed that area down there like how it shows on that model.. I want to remove that hair thats down there but I dont...


How long should I wait to get my belly button re-pierced?

Okay so I got my bellybutton pierced in May 2009. It never healed really, but was never infected. It never hung right either and all together I don't think that it was pierced right. If you would've seen it you would agree. Anyway on day in December I ...


Happy trail growing back disgusting

God I feel so gross.. I feel like a man..
I made the stupid decision to shave my happy trail for about a year now..and I've doing it ever since,but for no reason! I don't know..there was never even anything there..and now it just grows back thick like ...


Why is my monroe lip piercing super swollen?

I recently got my lip pierced(a monroe) like 3 days ago...
Everything was fine till lastnite. I went out and did happen to apply makeup but not to the piercing(but around it). I did drink and have a cigarette(I didn't bring anything with me to clean it...


how can I tell if my gauges are swollen?

monday I decided to gauge my ears. going from a size of a small lip ring to a 6. instead of just jumping striaght to a six, I went to spencers for advice the man gave me a taper going to a size six. He told me that when I get in the shower push the tap...


Lip Piercing is Bleeding A Little

Ugh Great Night Im Having. NOT.

Okay, I got my lip pierced professionally last saturday, and it has been fine just a little white discharge around it sometimes, not too much and now just about 10 minutes ago I felt coldness around the piercing on my...


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