Do you find pregnant woman attractive?

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I think women look all cute pregnant, (most of them :P) with there baby bumps. But if I was a guy, I wouldn't be all like; "Dayummm girl, lemme' get that numba' mmm."

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Nothing is more beautiful than a pregnant woman. c:

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well my bf says its cute on some girls he helped me through my pregnancy when i was rapped over a year ago

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If she was my wife then yeah of course

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:O sorry to hear that

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Aww man. Very sorry

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I think thr beautiful, they have a glow u can't reproduce :-)

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its fine now i have an amazing one yr old daughter who is my whole world besides my 2nd daughter

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Yes, very. It's that glow thing. :)

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I don't see pregnancy as anything but what it is. I don't find it ugly nor attractive.

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I think I am very attractive ;-) lol.

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Bless you. So sorry for what happened. It is so honorable that you carried and are raising the child. Just think, if years down the road you tell her what happened, she is going to really know how much her mother loves her. God Bless You.

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Well I know at least one that I do ;D. To answer the question, yes, sometimes. I wonder why that is? It's kind of a strange thing in a way. I wonder if it has to do with our inherent subconcious desire to reproduce and seeing a pregnant woman sends some kind of subliminal message to our brain saying "she's capable" or something like that. I don't know. On the other hand, I have seen prego gals that I never gave a second look to, so I guess maybe they need to cute for it to work. Just a guess.

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Yes.. But like harleythecreator, I too wouldn't be like that :p and I like the baby bumps too and don't forget the glow they have :D:)

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lol my fiance's friend thinks im so attractive. He hits on me all the time. Cory just laughs at it, nothin serious. But he says pregnant girls are the best lol

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hell yes

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I actually really do. Not like in a sexual way obviously. But they have that glow and you just wanna be around them. Lol I told that to my friends and theyre all like ew dude! I tried explaining that I didnt mean in a sexual way but they're all just like "nah its cool bro, we're not judging, so have you ever done a prego chick?=D", "isnt that like a threesome?" -___- ugh frigin idiots. But yhea, when my dance teacher was pregnant she couldn't stop smiling=)

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uuuhhhmmmmmm.. . . . . . ツ

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Smart answer. Non incriminating.

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Another good answer.

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lol he is always full of smart answers ;)

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i find attractive people attractive being prego has nothing to do with it though i would personally never date or have sexual actions with a prego woman thats just gross

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I think pregnant women are beautiful! There's a life growing inside of them! Amazing.

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