What is the best tanning oil for me to use when I can't tan to save my life?

Answer #1

Banana boat works really well & smells super good, I use that to start out because it’s good for pale “baby” skin. After I start to get a steady tan I switch to Hawiian Tropic, it’s alot stonger and helps you tan easy but I wouldn’t suggest starting off with it, because you will burn. When I tan I still wear sunscreen, I would suggest applying suncreen spf15 before applying tanning oil. Also, be sure to get a really good moisterizers, lotion with aloe in it would be great. Happy tanning. :)

Answer #2

cooking oil? xP>

Answer #3

Er, no thank you. I don’t want to fry.

Answer #4

but i like french fries :D>

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