Answer #1

Yes, rub sperm all over yourself, you should notice a difference within a week..

Answer #2

what do you mean by sperm?

Answer #3

are you serious or are you lieing

Answer #4

she is tottaly seriouse dude i rubbed sperm all over my self every day and it is very good for you maybe you should try it!

Answer #5

ok now your lieing to me.jerks

Answer #6

its called a joke dude :P

Answer #7

ha yea.but i was serious

Answer #8

I was being sarcastic lol

Answer #9

Sure is, that’s the new craze

Answer #10

Wow you’re an idiot. Obviously the guy is just trying to get something from you.

Answer #11

Srcasm obviously lol. -_-

Answer #12

Yes, replace your lotion with that, no more ashy skin…..NO! Whoever told you it will be good for your skin obviously just wants sex from you and that lie proves it,

Answer #13

Try horse sperm.

Answer #14

no i mean i heared its gd 4 the skin with acne issues! may i a get a short and clear answer! yes its gd no its bad!

Answer #15

As far as my knowledge goes, rubbing sperm on your skin will not do anything good for it.

Answer #16

oh really?? some people said its healthy..

Answer #17

I seriously doubt it makes any difference at all. Those people are simply pulling your leg.

Answer #18

men’s cum

Answer #19

You’ve got a ton of answers already. ALL of them are telling you No it’s not. And that you’re an idiot for even considering because quite obviously whoever told you that is trying to get some from you.

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