Answer #1

I would have to say black.

Answer #2

Light blue, light yellow or light pink.

Answer #3

Grey, silver, black, red (sometimes, it really depends), yellow.

Answer #4

ya black or gray

Answer #5

Silver, purple, blue, pink, cream/white.

Answer #6

gree, red, different shade of purple, black, pink, orange, blue. pretty much any color

Answer #7


Answer #8


Answer #9

Black u know that black that’s so dark it looks purple

Answer #10


Answer #11
Answer #12

yellow.the best way to find a color to go with another color is to look at the color wheel and use the color directly across from the one you have… directly across from purple is yellow. :)

Answer #13

Pink or turquoise or a forest green.

Answer #14

actualy it depends on the shade of purple. if its a light purple then dark green. if it is a dark purple then light green( almost neon) but other than green is orange,black,blue,pink,and white(altho the purple has to be a light purple so it works with the the white)

Answer #15

Yes, those too :) Purple is a beautiful color that can work with alot of colors, even with yellow or with multiple colors combined too.

Answer #16

Black or white

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