Are Keds out of style?

Answer #1

My mom wore them in 80s.

Answer #2

Actually, there kinda sorta in style again. If you like them wear them! :)

Answer #3

i dont even know what they are.haha

Answer #4

I still wear mine …..i really dont care if something is in style,I wear them cause i want to. wear them if you want to

Answer #5

I don’t think so. I’m getting zebra stripped ones lol

Answer #6

Definitely not. A LOT of people at my school wear them.

Answer #7

i think that theyre cute^__^

Answer #8

HELL NAW!!! They’re very sexy. And slightly provocative. :D

Answer #9

Keds and Vans looks so similar to me I can’t tell the difference.

Answer #10

i dont think so! and most of my school doesnt think so :) so if your thinking of buy-ing keds, than go for it :D

Answer #11

Who cares if they are, Bring Them back! :D

Answer #12

Nothing is really ever out of style. I still wear converse. I have since I was 10, My dad wore the same exact chuck taylor High top converse I do when he was in highschool. I am 21 now and still rockin them. Its a personal preference not a fad. Especially when it comes to comfort things like shoes.

Answer #13

they came back for a little but maybe bring them back in style lol

Answer #14

Some times not and sometimes yes depends where you are

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