Who is your favorite fashion icon?

Answer #1

I looooove the Wet Seal designers. And the Vanity designers. I get most of my clothes from there. Aaaaaand Victoria’s Secret designers.

Answer #2

Oh very cool! Great designers, but I meant fashion icons like models and actress fashionistas lol

Answer #3

Ohhh :) haha. Hmmm. Justin Hileman, Kevin Wyne, Jenna Tuitavuki and Lukas Moffett were fun to model with. And idk about actresses, they just all piss me off.

Answer #4

I actually love a model whos style an pictures are iconic to me, her name is abby brothers and she is perfect <3 I love eevrything about her, dont forget that style isn’t just clothing its the way they presen themselves. I have a picture of her in my album.

Answer #5


Answer #6

oh and pink and A’gaci

Answer #7

and forever21

Answer #8

Dita Von Teese <3 :)

Answer #9


Answer #10

Marilyn Monroe.

Answer #11

i LOVE marilyn monroe well me and my mom do ALOT we have 3 origanal paintings on her

Answer #12

Wow! True fans lol. She’s very admirable. When my hair turned white, a lot of my photographers just wanted that Marilyn Monroe look for me.

Answer #13

Mines Zoolander rawr jk jk I really like Sienna Miller that girls fashion sense is just unreal. She can rock anything! Also Tyra Banks is just a fashion godess, she’s a real genius

Answer #14

Gemma Ward, the model, is stunning! She looks like Alice in Wonderland.

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