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How to tounge kiss?

Its been a while since I've tounged kiss and I forgot how, so any advice or what to do..?


Can you eat and kiss underwater?

Is it possible to either eat something or kiss someone underwater?


How to anticipate a kiss?

lol how do you know when a guy like wants to kiss you?

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When was your first kiss?

Im just curious.I love kissing and I love to hear about experiences...


How to kiss the perfect guy?

First steps to kiss the guy you thnk is the perfect one.plzz

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Who to kiss

Okay now how do I find the right guy? Will I just know? Or will it take a while?

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How do I make the move to kiss my girlfriend?

I want to makeout with my girlfriend and she wants to make out with me but I don't know how to make the move how should I?

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How do I kiss my boyfriend?

Ok me and my boyfriend have been going out for awhile and I think we're ready to kiss but how do I kiss him?

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What was your first kiss like?

Where was it? How old were you? Was it a good kiss or bad kiss? Im just bored


How do I get my boy friend to kiss me?

How do I get my boyfriend to kiss me when I see him again at the end of the month

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Where is a place to kiss in school?

Where is a good place to kiss in school when you dont want anyone to see


How was your first kiss?

ok im bored so tell me how your first kiss was and where it happend. just curious

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How do you get a boy to urgently kiss you on the cheek?

How do you get a boy to urgently kiss you on the cheek? please answer this guys!!!

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how to get someone to kiss you?

me and my boyfriend are new and wanna kiss but dont know how or when to ?

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When is it a good time to kiss your boyfriend?

Is it a good time to kiss my boyfriend?itz been like 3 months so...

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why dos seeing the girl I like kiss another guy

why dos seeing the girl I like kiss another guy piss me off

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dont know how to kiss

im 17 and I don't really know how to kiss
any advice with making out?


kiss me thru the phonee !

is anyone elsee in love this the song kiss me thru the phonee ?

I am ! :D

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Am I jealous or annoyed that she's kissed first?

my bestmates kissed before me do you think im jelous or just annoyed at her ??

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Kissing advice

How do you know of your a good kisser without asking the person?


kis girlfriend