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do my problem of erection is related to molestation ?

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i am now 16 year old, and i don't get proper erection, and i also feel it very difficult, almost 2 year ago,when i was about 14 years old and i was going to be stage of pubirity. In my family i had two older sisters including parents.we would live in a small town and nude punishment including spanking was common in my family .one summer i had a itching in my thighs and near my i would itching many times.but after some days it was spread near my genitals.and due to this i felt sensational in my i used to rub and itch my genitals.many a time my sisters saw this , one day they complained to my mom about this.and mom warned me to not do so. I told him that i was not doing all this day mom saw this again that i was rubbing my got angry and said that in evening ,she would took me to doctor for treatment . at evening my mom and both sister were going to local market so mom called me to come with her so she could took me to a quack. When we reached to doctor(quack)r mom told him about that for few weeks i am rubbing my genitals. The quack asked me to remove my pants and underwear for check for any disease. i pulled down my pants,but i did not want to strip nude completely in front mom and sisters and there was not any curtain in that clinic. so i complained to doctor that you should have curtain in your clinic and a seperate room for.........but..while i was saying this to him suddenely doctor pulled down my undergarments up to my knees,and exposed my genitals to everyone.i was so shocked at what the doctor did.but he was not seemed worried,he pushed me to a bench,he made me lied on that bench and checked for any disease. he did this all so quickly that i was completely baffled and feared..after checking he told my mom that i had not any disease.even not any sign of itching.and i was doing this deliberately.hearing this from doctor mom got angry and her face turned red.than suddenly doctor said to mom,you need not to bother,he would be going to give a such punishment that i would never do this saying this he grabbed my penis in his one hand and asked my sisters to count upto he was going to yank my penis 20 times as a punishment, i tried to resist but he he overpowered me.and he started yanking my sisters were counting 1..2..3..and doctor was yanking my penis ( quite hard).i was almost screaming .but no one came to rescue me,even mom took it as a fun and she was too smiling at what he was doing.after 20 yanking of my penis the quack left my me , when i came out from clinic my face was burning red due to embarrassment and humiliation.and it was causing extreme pain in my penis it was not only paining but burning too, after i felt a bit pain few days later, and i almost forgot it, but now i always feel problem in erection and at time i feel very pain in erection,do you think this is because of that ,what the he had done to me ?