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I think my teacher likes me?

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I have this really flirty Theology teacher, he is only 23. It's his first year teaching, but I've, in a way, known him for a while because he graduated from the school I attend, and my mom was his teacher. Since December, my teacher's attitude has changed with me, it seems as though he is more comfortable with me and does some hasty things. I've created a list- I am not stalking him and I am not a creep- because I wanted to see the patterns in his behavior towards me. This is what I have collected so far:

My evidence thus far is:

1) I told him on Monday that I like his taste in bowties and then on Tuesday he ends up wearing one instead of a tie
2) He defended me when my friend insulted me in front of him. “Well, she actually read her test, Mrs. Candelaria. You are very much in the wrong.”
3)He overheard me in the hallway tell one of my friends “Git it shawty, git it” and he greets me by saying that.
4) We slipped notes under his door with our insider and he kept them rather than throwing them away.
5)My teacher also remembered my midterm grade an no one else’s out of his 126 students
6) He always smirks at me and my friends when he passes by us in the hallways too
7) Oh, one day he asked me for help and only me
8) He asked me if I would be returning to school on a teacher work day
9) He asked my friends and I what we were planning on wearing to homecoming, he wanted to match his tie with our dresses
10) He asked us to get him food, and we did, and you should’ve seen the excitement over the corndog we got him.
11) He constantly calls me out in class
12) He has insiders with my friends and I… Inside Jokes…
13) He is like bffs with my mother, who was his teacher, and now is his co-worker..
14) He came looking for me one day as if I was his best friend, then he realized what he was doing, walked away only to return later and try to play it cool
15) Always asks if I need anything without me asking, takes care of my needs; attentive
16) Long- term eye contact
17) High fived me. Twice.
18) Playful with my friends and I.. We played ding-dong-ditch with him and he did not get angry.
19) Makes special references, sometimes in regards to love, and looks at me or uses me as an example
20) Told me I smell nice
21) My two friends and I sent him emails and only replied to me and one other friend, and in my email he responded LOL, and the other one he rejected in an email.
22) Only showed my two friends and I his Mickey Mouse impression
23) One time I asked him for a paper that he was supposed to give to me and he lost it and I told him to forget about it and he said, "No, I will find this for you. I'm determined."
24) He saw that my bookmark was out of place in my textbook, grabbed my book, fixed it and said, "I'm gonna set you up.. I'm going to set you up!!"
25) I asked him if I look like my mom, and he said no and then he winked at me and walked away.
26) I have caught/ felt him looking at me for long periods of time and he looks away when I notice.
27) Just so happens that he delivers coffee to my math teacher in the same period I have math... Not on his other free period..
28) He always claims that he is not a man of favorites when everyone asks him what is his favorite class and who is his favorite student, so when my friends and I asked him, "Who are your favorite students?" he smiled and looked at me and I said "Us, right?" he nodded and then he said, "Hey, do not tell anyone that! Ok, now go to class!"
29) He calls my best friends (Andrea, Sabrina) and I "Team Omnipresent" and loves to call us that every chance he gets.
30) When I attended on of our School's softball games, he was there and every time I looked over my shoulder he was looking at me or in my direction and I have photo evidence. [attached]
31) He always encourages my friends and I to stay after school to do the Stations of the Cross with him for extra credit, even though he knows we all 3 have A+'s...

I'm slowly accumulating these encounters. What do they seem to mean? Do you think my teacher likes me, in a platonic way or what? What numbers in this list stand out to you the most?

**** Please don't tell me that a relationship with my teacher would be inappropriate. I am well aware, and I'm not trying for one in the first place, I just simply want to clarify what this behavior might mean. Thank you