What does it mean when i guy gives a girl a stuffed animal?

Today leaving a get together with friends which a guy friend asked if I wanted a ride to and picked me up, going out of his way (backtracking) to do so. We picked up another friend (a guy & his best friend) on the way to meet up with everyone else. When we were leaving, he noticed a stuffed animal sitting at the edge of the entrance to the park. He asked if either of us wanted a stuffed rat. We both said that we really didn't want it but he got out of his car and got it anyways and threw it at me when he got back in. When he dropped me off, I asked if I was supposed to take it and he said if I wanted it, so I did. What does that mean?

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It could mean he just wanted to give the stuffed animal to one of you or it could mean he is interested in you... I wouldn't look too much into a deeper meaning other than he's just a nice guy. If something more significant happens then sure, maybe he likes you, but I wouldn't take his gesture too seriously.

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Haha, you're doing one of the two:

a). Projecting what YOU want to believe


b). Reading too much into a simple nice gesture

We guys, typically don't drop these sort of gestures. When we like someone, that someone can more or less tell that we like her.

I don't think it means anything. He's just a nice guy :)


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Your 2nd to last sentence kind of doesn't make sense with the rest of your comment: "We guys typically don't drop these sort of gestures"...wouldn't that make it more "special" or whatever then if guys don't normally do that? Just asking in general because yeah, that seems to contradict everything else you said.

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Just to clarify, the other friend in the car was a guy.

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The offer of the ride was random and he drove out of his way to come pick me up. He took the long way (backtrackng) to take me home too.

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You misinterpreted the context there, Rose16 :) We guys don't typically drop these sort of gestures WHEN trying to show that we like someone. When trying to show we like someone, we will typically ensue flirtation or throw obvious indicators of interest which girls can intuitively be almost sure about are an expression of interest. Hope that cleared it out for you.

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He may just be a really nice guy...

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