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how can i lose my jealousy..

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ive been with my boyfriend for a year and two months, we have a very open, and loving relationship, but hes so social and it makes me uncomphortable how hes always talking to girls, always always.. some girls come up to me in the hall at school and say hi when im with him, or on the phone while hes there for the play after school, i dont even know these girls.. and he always tells me he dosnt like any of them, and i beleive him, this isnt about trust or anything, i know he loves me and i love him too, but it makes me so uncomphortable, cause.. i want him all to myself, which i know is terrible... i need some help, he is the only one i hang out with at school and after school, hes the only on i text except for my former best friend and family... please help me get over this, i dont want to loose him over all this foolishness...