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This sounds really greedy but its bothering me alot :3

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I got a job as soon as i got my license, because my parents believe, us kids should start getting mature for adulthood, and learn to deal with money better, and not waste it all on junk. I spend about $80 a month for my phone, $110 a month for car plates, and $120 a month for my car loan, and I still have plenty of money because I work, alot for this. My boyfriend considers working in the summer for his dad on their farm is a "real job". I personally think working for your parents is basically allowance. but thats just my opinion. So he doesn't have a steady income, he only gets money in the summer basically. His parents pay for his phone bill, sometimes pay for his gas, and his truck he got for a birthday gift. He's broke basically, and lately everything we have been doing is coming out of my wallets, and im kinda sick of it :3 it sounds greedy, but I drive everywhere now, I pay for everything..dinner, skiing, city trips, and all that stuff. Don't get me wrong, he is a wonderful boyfriend, and he does pay, he just hasn't lately due to being short on money. We hardly go out anyways, we usually just have dates at our own houses and watch movies or do something where we dont have to spend our money, but since we are on Easter break, and i've had alot of time off work, we've had plans and i've spent so much on us already. I kept suggesting he gets a job and all he says is "I already have a job". He says hes so stressed out from it..but its basically his life. he grew up farming, and its only a summer job for his dad! I work usually 5 times a week, and i struggle to keep up with school, social life, family, and sleep. Im so stressed out while he does nothing all winter. It just irritates me. I know i should be understandable about it, but I just hate how hes so spoiled compared to me and has most things handed to him, but yet I've been paying for everything lately, and he's so broke. gahh :( At least we are only its not a huge crisis atm..
I never told him how I feel about all this :3 i dont want to seem greedy, but i think i did convince him to get a job for winter next year..