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So does he like me? or is he just playing games?

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The other week I went into subway and one of the guys that worked there, the one that was making my sub kept looking at me all gloomy. when he was finished and got to the cash register he asked me what was my name and how old was I. I told him and then he mumbled something under his breath like "man wish I didnt have a gf" or "I have a gf" something like that I couldnt quite understand but I definitly heard girlfriend. So today when I came into subway he was working the drive thru, and he glanced at me a few times, and then he walked over to one of the girl cashiers and says "she's pretty isnt she?" I kno he had to be talking about me because I was the only girl in there besides the cashier. and then he said something like but, I dont want to lead her on, and then he and the cashier what does that mean? is he playing me or something, I dont understand?