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How to deal with an ex friend??

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I have an ex friend. We got super close and then "something" happened. Long story short, we like silently hate each other. We don't speak. We don't say hi. We don't make eye contact. NOTHING. Not gonna lie, I pretty much hate her. I've never hated someone like this before. Anyway, the thing is, we have the SAME friend group. Like all my friends are her friends. They aren't too sure of what happened, so it's just super awkward. Especially with her best friend, who was also my best friend. We were like all super close, but ow that this happened, she's like bff with her, and i'm just there, which I don't really care, because I was starting to strongly dislike her too. BUT it's just so awkward, when she comes over and they're talking to her and I'm just sittting there. Or even worse, in this one class, we do experiments every day and they always go to work together and I just stay at my desk while everyone is in a group. I hate it. It's so awkward, and it just upsets me so much. Please tell me what I can do to help this issue? It keeps bringing me down