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Is there a mobile app that I can download and use for free to keep an eye on a cheating spouse?

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I have a hudge gut feeling that my husband is cheating on me because of somethings I've already seen and heard that has given me this hunch. But I want to catch him red handed and get the solid proof I need as support to back me up when I let my tongue rip. He travels around alot in the southern states doing poles and stays in hotels. But if anyone knows of an app I can download on my phone and use for free to get info (calls, text messages & photos) I need without him knowing it then it would be a great help. I told him if I ever caught him cheating again red handed that we was getting a divorce. He's been talking to this one girl that's his ex for almost two years and she would send him photos of herself and they text and call each other all the time. He even has her saved in his contact list as My Girl. Plus she has changed her phone number and text message signature since they know I'm on to them. They changed the names and number to try to throw me off but it didn't work. Any ideas would be of a big help, thanks! :)