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my heart fell when i saw the way my boyfriend looked at my best friend.

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I love my boyfriend SO MUCH. i would DO ANYTHING for him. Hes a good guy and when I introduced him to my best friend i saw a connection between them. I knew shes the one for him ..the way he looked at her, he was so distracted. she didnt have a distracting outfit it was vry simple, a everyday wear. This had happened to me before where my ex fell in love with some other chick, i hate who i become. I become very jealous of my good friend. But i see it in her eyes too, she loves him. I am not being dramatic. my sister says hes with u, he chose u and thats all it matters. YEAH before he met her. I try to not have them in the same place. and wish sometimes shes disappear. i hate myself. But from my past expirence, i can't let him go. I KNOW if i do, he won have any regerts seeing her. Today we met at a party and when she passed by him its like she blew him away without even trying. Shes not flirtatious and either is he. The way he looks at her or talks to her is slowly torturing me.Please please don't say let him go. I feel the luckiest girl with him. i changed so much because of him. I used to be a b!tch and no good and i become clean, i just can't keep hiding my boyfriends from girls. WHAT DO I DO? everytime i have one they end of failing for someone else. I am so desperate not to let this one go.