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How do you top a girl?

Hi guys , I am just a bit confused but what do you do when your topping a girl I'm 13 and my girlfriend said I could top her tomorow

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Best friends girlfriend.

My best friends girlfriend is coming to my house to hang out and she has been known to make moves on boys even when she has a boyfriend. I knodove like her for more than a friend. So what should I do if she makes a move on me?

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How can I make my girlfriend feel less responsible? I love my girlfriend with all my heart and am in no hurry to breakup with her. However. shes having problems within her family that are causing problems in "OUR" family. She really sad. She loves my family and wants her family to be more like ...


I regret letting my boyfriend eat me out, is he grossed out by me now?

So last night my boyfriend told me that he wanted to eat me out, and I was like I don't know... about it because I didn't want him to be grossed out by me, and I'm really shy about down there because I'm a virgin. So we made out for a while, and then I...

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Why doesn't he keep his erection?

Okay so me and my boyfriend are REALLY into each other and we both love each other alot. All we have done is I have given him a hand job and he's fingered me and what not but when we tried to have s*x he went soft right before he put it in. He says it'...

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Why am I all of a sudden into older guys?

I'm 20 years old, my last boyfriend was 24. He was the oldest guy I have been with... But now, I've been into ... older guys.. I'm talking 25-30 years old.. Why am I like this now? And is it bad?

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How do I tell a guy I like him without ruining our friendship?

I like this guy a lot but I don't know if he likes me. how do I tell him I like him but if he doesn't like me I don't want it to be weird around us??? helppp I need adviceee

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My wife wants to bring a friend home...but I'm not so sure...

I have been married for 4yrs...we live together and everything is smooth. recently, she asked me if I wanted to bring another girl into bed... she works with this girl who is pretty cute... but I can't seem to decide if this would be a good idea or ...

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Does it gross out guys to eat a girl out?

So, are guys like, repulsed when they eat a girl out? Do they do it just to please girls, or is there some enjoyment there? what can a girl do to make it better (besides being clean down there)?

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10 ways to make a girl horny?

What are 10 or more different ways to turn a girl on and make them horny?

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When do I move on from making out to the fun stuff?

I love my girlfriend, but I want to get out of the "boring zone" as some call it, and on to ass grabing and fingering and things like that. And no im not some horny basterd weve been going out for three months

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How to dress like a slut?

How to dress like a slut?

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Ex boyfriends help???

Im cool with my exboyfriends we been friends for like a year now he flirts with me most the time and he wants to kik it a lot even tho he has a girl.he seems like he likes me but he just satrted going out with this girl for a week doe she like me??

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How do I tell a bestfriend I don't see him any more than a friend?

well one of my best friends is madly in love with me telling me he can't stop thinking about me from the second he wakes up until the last thing at night before he goes to sleep and things like that. I don't want to hurt his feelings but I need to put ...

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What would you do if you didnt want to get hurt ?

Ok well I like this lad at the moment and he likes me but I dont want to get hurt as I cant deal with all of the emotion in it . we aint going out but we both like each other. how do I stop my self getting too involved with him ?


fingering with a pen

if you finger yourself with a pen, will it hurt?


What to write in this msg?

I was talking to this guy I really like and we were mucking around talking about guys arms (that is my favourite part of a guys body) and I was like nope yours are to small and he was like your mean. We were only mucking around, so it was all good but ...


What are the Differences between emotional affair and being friendly?

Is there a line that we have to cross to get from one stage to the other? How do we know our limits?


Does not being asked out mean you're ugly?

I have a lot of friends but they ask me if I ever had a boyfriend or been asked out but I say no. then they start teasing me about it I sumtimes get nervous around guys and I mean I have guyfriends but I still feel nervous. im tired of all of my friend...

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How to milk your own prostate?

How to milk your own prostate?

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being gay ?

Can You Be Striaght And Kiss Girls.?

Can You Kiss Girls And Not Be Gay.?


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How do I get a boyfriend?

I would prefer boys to answer. I don't just want to be myself I want to do extra.

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Girls giving head

Why do girls like to suck penis and swallow the cum?

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Whats the point of love?

Whats the point of love?


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