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How to survive a breakup

Getting over someone is hard. You've been dumped and the world is about to come to an end. Shorten the process and move on with your life with this free guide from Funadvice.


How to make time go by quicker when boyfriend's in prison"???

My boyfriends just went to prison for only 2 months...but it's around tha holidays!...;(
We had sooo many big plans, ths he won't be back until Jan. 17th
I have no idea what to do with my time, because I'm use to spending alll of my time...


Japanese or Chinese?

Who would you rather date???

---a japanese person??


---a chinese person??

japanese and chinese people rule


is this normal...girlfriend...IM JEALOUS!!!

is it normal to have a girlfriend who is like in love with celebreties and fictionional characters. like she love slike taylor lautner and shia lebeuof. of course I know she likes me but is it normal to get a little jealous. cause well im a lot jealous...

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How to finger a VERY tight girl?

Hi, Im a 15 yr old male... I've come so close to fingering my girlfriend but everytime I go to put my finger in her vagina she says it hurts and she tells me to stop...she has told me that she doesnt use tampons so she is realy tight...I dont know what...

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jack off

I jack off a lot and I got like bumps on my penis now I don't know what to do and how do you get rid of them please help

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How do I make out laying down?

My boyfriend wants me to make out with him laying down but I don't know what to do! like he said he wants to feel me up and I don't know what to do to him and how to make out laying down..we mad eout pleantly of times normally

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I like one of my guy friends

I like one of my guy friends.. and everyone knows! and everyone thinks we would make a cute couple! and im a big flirt and I know I am and so is he! so we are always flirting! and during class ill catch him starting at me sometimes.. and people are alw...

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How to chose a lad that wont cheat on you

How do I find lad that wont cheat on my like my ex??

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Do guys like girls with strict parents?

(Mostly dad)

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Why do guys not like me?

Why don't guys like me? I'm 15 and Every one of my friends tell me I'm pretty and my aunt and other family members tell me I'm pretty all the time. My teacher today me I was adorable. There was only one guy that said I was cute and looked grown up and...

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What does the effin does the mean??

Okay my boyfriend said he wanted a break but then he goes out with a girl to see if the little fight we have are normal and he says he is just seeing to see if hes happier that way (with her) or this way (with me) what does he mean what is his problem?


What do you think it means when your sweatheart has the phone off?

About a week ago my friend came to me crying about how her boyfriend seems to have his phone off . She told me that hes on Business trip to Denver. THat its unusual for him to ever turn his phone off since he seems so well attached to the phone. HE al...


How to make a fake penis?

how do I make a fake penis?

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Is 8 inches big?

I've never compared myself to anyone or gave a rat's a?!s?!s how long anyone else's pen*s was but, is 8" big for a 16 year old, when hard of course? Cause whenever I'd dance with someone they'd look happier than ever so I'd just like an actual answer c...

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can you make yourself have an orgasm without fingering yourself?

Im a girl and im 15 and I wanted to know how to get an orgasm without fingering myself .thanks

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Why doesnt he make any effort?

Me and my boyfriend have been togther for two months exactly now, before that we spen a good 9 months getting to know each other and we would always text and have long conversations on msn, and now that were together he never makes the effort, I always...


Why cant I get a boyfriend or even a boy to like me?

I go to school and im nice and everything, is it because I'm ugly or flat chested or something? I'm shy and I don't look people in the eye unless I know them. If I'm walking down the hall at school I usually look down unless im walking with a friend.



why does she keep me hanging?

I have posted a few questions so far so maybe you would of read them and this would make more sense to you. But I've been seeing this girl for a while, not going out, more casual than anything. But there was a time when we were so in love and she got r...


Am I the only one who feels lonely?

am I the only one in this world that feels lonely no matter how many people are around?just curious.


Help with emotions

Okay, so I have a problem.

This girl I like have a crush and she has a crush on me, just broke it to me, and I know I should feel happy, but I feel depressed, whats wrong with me?


Gils and guys gay,bi,straight...In relationships.

How do you get a relationship. How do you act to get one? I am bi so ALL answers are accepted. This is also in reference to my other question. But please tell me what you did or are doing to get a relationship that works. Thanks!


How to flirt with a girl so she knows you like her?

I like this girl and we have been talking for a long time, but not talking talking. But, she saw me at a party and she keeps telling me how hot I am and how she loves my body and shiiit. But I want to go out with this girl but I dont know how to move u...

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Should I just forget about him and move on with my life?

ive been dating this boy for awhile now and last weekend he let one of my so calld friends give him a blow j** and hes just told me last night im glad he was ma enough to tell me but hes asking for a second chance and for me to forgive him and i dont k...


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