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How does this feel to a guy?

Ok so I just wanna know how if this feels good to a guy.
Me and my boyfriend were getting really horny the other day so he started dry humping me,which felt awesome to me. The he lifted me up around his waist and kept humping...I came prbly around 4 t...

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How long after your cherry pops do you start bleedingg?

How long after your cherry pops do you start bleeding? my boyfriend of nine months wants to finger me and im afraid that if he does, he will pop my cherry and bleed all over me. how much do you usually bleed when your cherry is popped?

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getting your cherry popped ..

does getting your cherry popped hurt ? wouldnt it be embarrasing
if you started bleeding everywhere !? :| ... how old
do girls usually start fingering themselves at ?

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Why do boys like to finger girls?


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When aguy fingers you does he get grossed out if the vagina is wet?

Okay so like I have the white gooey stuff around my vagina and my boyfriend wants to finger me, would he be grossed out if he felt that in there, or if his finger came out wet?

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Places to touch a boy

What are the best places to touch a guy when your just talking or kissing or whatever? Places to turn him on?

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How do you top a girl?

Hi guys , I am just a bit confused but what do you do when your topping a girl I'm 13 and my girlfriend said I could top her tomorow

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The Next Step After Making Out?

Ok, well, my boyfriend and I have only gone as far as making out, but he wants to go farther. I honestly have never gone farther, I have never had a relationship where I was willing to, but the question is, what is the next step? He isn't really saying...


if a condom gets stuck in your vigina what could happen?

if a condom gets stuck in your vigina what could happen?


What do you do when your horny if you don't want to finger ?

Ok, I'm 13 and NEVER fingered myself, and im really scared.. and people have been talking about using shower heads when your horny, and I've just been lately experiencing hormonal things, I WANT to finger myself but im just really scared, are there any...

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Can fingering my vagina break my virginity?

Im 29 years old single.I just want to ask if fingering my vagina can break my virginity and break my hymen

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im 14 yr old whn I tried to put my penis in my girlfriend's vagina but it I

im 14 yr old whn I tried to put my penis in my girlfriend's vagina but it is not inserting ...

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How to make yourself horny?

how can you get horny so you can finger myself

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Does fisting hurt and should I let my boyfriend do it?

I love when my b/f finger me but he said he want's to push his whole hand in. I need to need does fisting hurt?

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Has my boyfriend broken my hymen?

I am 14 and my boyfriend has fingered me a few times now and today he fingered me and when he took his finger out he and a little tiny drop of red/yellow stuff on his finger
It is not my period and I did feel a little bit of pain.
But has he broken i...

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Why am I so horny?

Im only 14 and am having these extreme horny feelings, what should I do to prevent these horny feelings?

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How to make sure I taste good for my first kiss?

I have never been kissed.
And I'm curious...I hear so many people talk about their kisses tasting like something.
And...I have this friend. Haha, well, friend who I'm interested in.
We've agreed to keep it as friends but we talk about everything.
He to...


When was the first time you got fingered ?

What age were you when you started all that jazz?
and if your not a virgin what age did you loose it at ?

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How to get a girl wet?

well I was just wonderin
if anyone out there had any good
ideas on how to get a girl wet...?
I know all girls are diffrient but if you had any good
experiances or just happen to know how its done, then feel free to share
wit the rest of us .. thankz ...

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What...should I let my boyfriend finger me?

my boyfriend is 15 and im 13 and he wants to finger me...he loves me and I love him but im afraid of what he'll think of my body if he does

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What Makes you want to "take" from the behind? (guys & girls)?

What is so attractive about taking girls from behind? What does it feel like? Is it Better than the front? Is it Hotter?

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How to make a homemade fake vagina?

I need to know how to make a homemade p*ssy or anal and to make reallistic cum???

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How do I tell a guy I want them to suck my boobs

How do I tell a guy I want them to suck my boobs?

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