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How to survive a breakup

Getting over someone is hard. You've been dumped and the world is about to come to an end. Shorten the process and move on with your life with this free guide from Funadvice.


What is wrong with my friend?

Ok my friend is 26 years old.she still live @ home wit her mom. She is still a virgin she never been kissed or had a boy friends. She don't even wear skirts or tight pants. What's wrong wit her

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How do I get him to love me like that again?

I love my boyfriend! we've been together for about 4 months. but when we were first going out, he always told me how beautiful I looked and wrote me little notes and now he doesn't anymore. we barely act like a couple anymore! I really love him and I d...

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How to deal with best friend doing weed?

My best friend is doing weed. I don't know where or how to deal with him. Any advice as to what to do in this situation? I think weed is bad but I don't know, I never tried it.


How do I get a guy to confess?

I've been talking to this guy that I fell in love with for more than half a year but I felt a bit doubtful about him. When I did some investigating on him I found his secret a social site profile, he is dating someone else, is older than he says, and h...


What - new girl used to get bullied but I dont like her?

There is this new girl at my school, she's been there for about 2 weeks. There are 3 girls at my school who don't really like her and the girl knows and today the girl sat next to me and my best friend and was joking around (being quite a nice person) ...


Why dont I like to be alone

Ok I dont like being alone anywhere. And the only place I can be alone is in my house and with family. Its just like out in stores or over a friends house. What do you think is my problem? Im I emo? Or am I just lonely? Or what?? Pls answer


why did my ex break up with me if he loves me?

Hi everyone, my ex and I been together for more than a year and he broke up with me for NO reason he wouldnt tell me whats going on... we been having great relationship all sudden when I moved to albuquerque, new mexico and we both live 5 hours away fr...


what can you tell me

for someone who's been there done that been there done that what's left for me to do...any suggesions as I'm boreddd


Why do only fat girls like me?

Why do fat girls like me do you now why please help

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what should I do when my boyfriend is sucking my boobs

What should I be doing while my boyfriend is sucking on my boobs?

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What do I do if my girlfriend can feel my erection?

We have a dance at school tonight and we are going to slow dance and I always get an erection when we do; it is really embarasing and she hasn't felt it yet but almost did at the last dance! How can I keep from getting one, and if she does feel it what...

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What are words to describe your crush?

What are some words that can describe your crush..and im a girl by the way


He's Embarrassed Of Me.

Im 17, my boyfriend is 19 and he is embarrassed of me because of my height. Im only a petite 4"11 and he is about 5"11 but he doesn't wanna tell his college mates about me as they would take the piss out of him, the people who know about me already jok...

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How to get over it... And advide from a guy?

Im a really shy person. I want to be more outgoing and stuff. Because I like these 2 guys and I dont have the nerve to talk to them. I get easily nervous and shy and I just chicken out at the last minute. I also need an opinion for a guy. Should I make...

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is it wrong if im attracted to girls

I have noticed even when I was younger that I was attracted to girls, and I still check them out and sometimes they turn me on. yet I like guys and I've tried a lot of things with girls. but I dont like it. yet I like the way they look what does that m...


What should I get my boyfriend for our 1 year anniversary?

I am 14 and this past year with him has been the greatest year of my life! I love him sooo much!!! I want to get him something good that isn't to spendy... but what could that be?

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Does my girl still suspect me of cheating?

if I make a friend(female) and my girl doesnt know her. but me and that girl be hangin out(not cheating)I put her on my myspace page, and my girl saw it and got mad, and I was tellin her that I REALLY wasnt cheating, she was just a friend. do my girl s...

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Boyfriend wants to travel, many stumbles

My boyfriend of almost a year, has mentioned traveling for long periods of time to make large amounts of money, and only coming back for short periods of time like 1-10 days. He's found a job that will be 40 days gone and 10 day vacation. He's gave my ...


He cheated on her with me, what should I do?

great. so this guy and me just started talking again, we got in the biggest fight ever and now after a month we are easing back into a friendship again. it was all cool, I foun dou the had a girlfriend which sucked but it's alright, I don't like him li...


What is the best thing to tell someone when you want to break up?

Some guy in my school is in a relationship with someone and I just introduced him to this "hotty",and now it turns out they both like(like like) each other,and now he wants me to give him advice on how to tell his girlfriend:pls help him for my sake, x...


10 ways to make a girl horny?

What are 10 or more different ways to turn a girl on and make them horny?

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I need help wit this girl

ok well I met this girl a couple of months ago at a party and she was hot and found out that I though she was hot. then after the party I didnt talk to her for like 6 months and then her friend said I should hang out wit the girl from the part and her ...


Why am I so self conscious?

I am a very self conscious person...and my boyfriend hates it.I won't even let him touch my stomach because I feel horrible about myself. I wantto get over this and feel better about myself! Please help me to get over this!!! Thanks:)


How can I get a girl to like me?

.ok im a little big(weight-wize) and I've had trouble with women ever since I hit puberty...and really started getting attracted to them. What I wanna know is how can I get a girl to like me, even though my size?

I've asked a couple of girls out...n...


who sings this country song?

Who sings the song...cause ima country boy I drive a 4 wheel drive, lay in my bed ill take you for a ride...up city streets, down country roads..


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