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My boyfriend wants to finger me

I agreed to my boyfriend fingering me and he said he wanted to do it soon but if I'm wearing pants do I take of my pants or doess he do it when they are just unbuttoned an do I unbotton them or does he?? I just need like the play by play. Of what happe...

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Why do I bleed everytime he fingers me?

I was just recently fingered by my boyfriend (first time), it was just a couple of weeks ago. When he did it, he went pretty deep and kinda hard but it felt really good ( it only hurt a little). The only thing is that I bleed everytime and I'm worried ...

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How do I prepare to be a bottom boy?

I am bi, and in love with my boyfriend. We are going to make love, and this will be my first time as a bottom. He is very well endowed, what should I do?

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Why do I feel like I have to pee before I cum?

when I am near orgasm with my b/f it feels like I need 2 pee.. I have been told this is normal and that its what happens when girls c*m but it feels unconfortable and I keep stopping my b/f b/c I am worried and embarrased if I pee on him! I cnt seem 2 ...

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Is this a good present for my best guy friend?

I'm going to give him a t-shirt he once said he really liked, a bottle of flavored syrup (that part's an inside joke) and a hemp friendship bracelet. Does that seem like a good gift idea?


What does it mean when you dream about a guy 3 days in a row?

The guy I dream about is some one I hurt in the past and I didnt like. Now that I said no to him after asking me out more then once, I'm starting to like him even more. I have no idea how he feels about me now and its driving me crazy.


How do you pop your cherry?

I am a virgin and I want to lose it with my boyfriend. But he has tried but it hurts too much so we stop. What should I do?

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Does getting fingered hurt?

Does getting fingered hurt?
What should you do if a guy fingers you?
How do you finger yourself?

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Can you give me some advice about a boy I like?

so this is what happened.
there is this guy I like, but I've NEVER talked to him before. so I told one of my frens to tell him that I like him. so she told him that there is this rumor going around that I like him, and what he thinks about me. all he...


flirty questions to ask

what are some flirty questions to ask a guy


Is my sister old enough to date?

My sister has been asking me many questions. How can she go on a date without an adult and she said she wants to make out with a guy. Is she old enough?

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I think its a bit hypocritical when guys call girls sluts

hey I think its really horrible 2 call a girl a slut anyway but its a bit hypocritical I mean guys sleep around a lot and people respect them 4 it but when girls do it their sluts or tarts or slappers I think its horrible and I wud not call a girl a sl...

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How to make a homemade fake vagina?

I need to know how to make a homemade p*ssy or anal and to make reallistic cum???

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my parents wont let me go to church with my boyfriend

Well my boyfriends papaw died while ws at bball practice and I really need to be there for him so I ask my parents if I could go to church with him and I tried to explain y but my parents won't listen what should I do?


How do I stop thinking of my girlfriend?

I'm currently on summer vacation, I'm having fun, but I miss my girlfriend. I'm switching cell phone plans and i forgot her number so I can't call her, and have no other way. i miss her alot and I can't stop thinking about her. I need some suggestions ...


Why does he text me and then ignore me?

Okay, so I've had a crush on this guy I work with since August of this year, for awhile he didn't even pay attention to me, so I got to liking him even more, I used to love to go to work, and my work sucks. Then, he broke up with his girlfriend of one ...


What are some tips on fingering a girl

What are some tips on fingering a girl

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How to tell my parents about my older boyfriend?

I'm 15 years old and I'm a sophmore in highschool. my boyfriend is a senior in highschool and he is 18. he wants to come over to my house and be introduced to my parents as my boyfriend. now I have never told my parents about any of my boyfriends so th...


What is wrong with My Mad Response?

If you will push me away

I'll watch you from a distance

Sweet lies that you have to say

For you, I will take the chance.

Whether we will be happy

Or be one is an ordeal,

This I surely...


How can I tell if a shy girl likes me?

Yea me and my ex broke up on awkward terms, but I still like her. We talk sometimes but I'm not sure if she likes me anymore. After we broke up her sister and friends told me I should get back with her but I dont know if my ex had any say in it. Any ad...

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What is a good nickname for a guy named Ryne?

Me and him are kinda talking & I want a cute little nickname. like using his name. not babe or anything like that

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Who sang I'm in love with you honey say you love me too honey

Who sang I'm in love with you honey say you love me too honey seems funny but it's true?


How can I be mean to someone who is mean to me?

Well some people are mean to me sometimes so I want to be mean back when there mean to me so I need some idea on how can be mean to them sooo yaa


Im so worried please answer give me advice

Ok so i met this boy well me and my friend did we always wanted to see him so we went to the back of our school to see him he always used to like my friend but in the summer he inboxed me sayin that he likes me and so i went out wid him but i didint wa...


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