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Wedding vows

I need helpp...I have a lil playy marriage arranged...and I need help on how 2 write wedding vows !!..I have no idea what 2 write or how 2 start...whut shud ii do please help me !!!


Should I keep ignoring my boyfriend?

Me and him have been arguing a lot lately and his reaction to everything is ignoring me until I apologize, even if I didn't do anything. I haven't spoken with him in nearly two days. Should I wait for him to talk to me?


Why do you get that feeling when you look into someones eyes?

Dos anyone else get that feeling,when they look into people's eyes like in their stomach? Its kinda like butterflies?
Not only when looking into a specific person's eyes,its anyones.
What is it? Why does it happen?


Why doesn't he like me?

Hi, ok so there's this guy that I like and I've told him I like him...I told him last year and he said that he wasn't interested in a relationship at that moment but maybe next year and I respected that. So this year is the next year and he knows I lik...


Why do guys like boobs so much?

I'm just wondering why cause every guy in my school seem to be obssesed with looking at and feeling boobs and I don't get why. No I am not a guy I'm a girl.

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How do I turn a guy down?

so basically theres this guy,he's not all that good looking . He's 4 years older than me and I've told him before that I just wanted to be friends,he didn't take it well..

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What do nervous laughs mean?

Ok so theres this guy. He and I kiss hold hands and go on lil dates just like we're datin...its all really cute...well in school all my friends tell me to date em, but when they say I should date him around him, he just kinda laughs nervously...what do...

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How to turn a guy on?

how do you get a guy in the mood really fast?

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Barely see him

Okayy so me and my boyfriend have been going out for 3 months and at the beginning we saw eachother every weekend and talked on the phone for hours a day(this was like the 1st 2 weeks) we go to diferent high schools and he's still not comfortable comin...


What kind of girls do skater and emo guys like?

What kind of girls do emo and sk8 boys like the most?
Does she needs to be prepy, or be crazy and have her own style?

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Why do people say they love someone and dont mean it

Okay my friend and her boyfriend been together for like a year and a few months like I stay out of her relationships but her boyfriend tells her he loves her then take it back like the next day but I'm dating her older brother we been together for 10 m...


What is the next step after making out?

I'm 13 and me and my girlfriend want to know what the next step after making out. Just name it.

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The Next Step After Making Out?

Ok, well, my boyfriend and I have only gone as far as making out, but he wants to go farther. I honestly have never gone farther, I have never had a relationship where I was willing to, but the question is, what is the next step? He isn't really saying...


Girls, what do you like about grinding?

I'm a guy who's 17. How can I tell if a girl really likes me grinding with them? I get "hard ones" (that I'm sure they can feel) and they always stay with me for quite a while (a few minutes). I just stand behind them, hold on to their waist and m...


cum eating is good or bad ?

I am 28th yr old boy i want test my girlfriend cum so pls tell me it good for helth or bad ?

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when a girl cums, how much shoud it be?

I've tried fingering myself and heard from others that you get "wet" and yes I understand what they are talking about. But what I dont get is how much should there be?

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How can I make my vagina tighter?

I heard that orange juice it true? does anyone else recommend something else


Am I just being overly protective??

My mom and my brother moved in with me and my family about 2 weeks ago. She had left her boyfriend and promised us all that she wouldnt go back. He was a complete *** to her, my brother, and my kids. She would have bruises all over her and she would sa...


What does a kiss on the forehead mean?

what does it mean?
I dont think guys go around randomly kissing girls on the forehead
...doesnt it mean something more than a kiss on the cheek?

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Do you brake-up if you lost attraction?

There's love. Great person but not exciting anymore.

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Is 8 inches big?

I've never compared myself to anyone or gave a rat's a?!s?!s how long anyone else's pen*s was but, is 8" big for a 16 year old, when hard of course? Cause whenever I'd dance with someone they'd look happier than ever so I'd just like an actual answer c...

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How can I tell my friend to back off my guy?

My friend likes this guy that I'm going out with. Me and the guy really like each other and she gets mad at me because I'm going out with him and makes me feel guilty. What should I do to tell her buzz off?

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Can some one help?

Can some one tell me the best way to make a girl feel right when we want to try and have s*x

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