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Lip Piercing is Bleeding A Little

Ugh Great Night Im Having. NOT.

Okay, I got my lip pierced professionally last saturday, and it has been fine just a little white discharge around it sometimes, not too much and now just about 10 minutes ago I felt coldness around the piercing on my...


Bad bleach job gone wrong!!!

My girlfriend bleached my hair 3 days ago/ big mess.I had been coloring it myself for over 4-5 years (MED BR). Looked great before. What was done: for 45 mins she put loreal high performance quick blue powder bleach mix with half bottle of loreal 40 vo...


How can I get semi-permanent black dye out of my hair?

So, I semi permanently died my medium brown hair black. and it looks Horrible. no lies. so after crying for hours, I googled what to do and found some things to try. nothing has worked! heres what I've done to try and get back to my natural color :

I ...


How can I heal a peeling sunburn?

What's up guys?

So, I'm a very outdoor oriented person, and always tan easily, being half Brazilian. I'm freaking out because about a week ago, maybe less, I fell asleep while laying out by my pool. I got sunburned but every other time I burn I go str...


What ethnic groups tend to get more tanned than sunburned, and can get a tan naturally?

I know this may sound strange but what ethnicities of course African Americans have the darkest skin of any race but just curious what ethnic groups are more likely to tan rather than sunburn..and what ethnic groups tend to sunburn mostly? It sounds st...


Why cant a 14 year old girl get her nose pierced?

okay so im 14 and I really want my nose pierced. I've wanted it done for a while. my mom wont let me because I am 14. I have good grades, and my mom can trust me, I never really get in trouble for anything other than having an attitude sometimes. but c...


Barely dressed young girls?

So last week at school a girl (14 year old freshman, I have a friend who knows her. So I got his from her.) walked into the cafeteria one morning barely dressed.
I'm talking, SHORT skirt, LOW cut shirt, knee high socks, bracelet szed earrings, high he...


How do I get the red out of my brown hair?

well this is kind of a long story but ,
I wanted to dye my naturally dark brown hair light brown , simple enough isnt it ?
I went to a salon to get it done but ti didnt work , well it turned my roots like a ginger tint but the rest of my hair was the ...


How do I dye my brown hair blonde?

my natural hair color is medium brown, well I've always wanted to go 2 a dirty blonde color for years I went to go get it professionally done in December and after of hours sitting there it ended up a strawberry blonde color more red ( I dunno i...


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