What do you think of men with long eyelashes?

I have long natural eyelashes, i wonder if women like to see men with long eyelashes lol. just curiosity.

Answer #1

Naturally long eyelashes are quite appealing on a man, i just dont want to find out he’s wearing falsies or using makeup products to make them appear that way. I prefer manly types of men.

Answer #2

Naturally long eyelashes are gorgeous, in my opinion. I find them to be a very attractive feature.

Answer #3

I think long eyelashes on anyone is appealing especially if they have dark eyelashes and blue eyes. OMG!

Answer #4

Personally I think it’s plain sexy as hell! :P

Answer #5

sooooo nice it makes the eyes hav so much more depth

Answer #6

i think it looks rather lovely :) long lashes really highlights the eyes and makes their face look even cuter :P

Answer #7

Most men naturally have long eyelashes so i dont think anything :)

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