What is the best color of blouse to wear on a cream color flowing skirt?

Answer #1

I’d go with white, personally.

Answer #2

Pastel or anything soft:) or anything patterned that’s quiet and not too bold

Answer #3

I think any color would go well with cream.

Plain black & white tops will make it look classy.

Pinks, purples and light pastel shades make it more Girly.

For a feminine look, browns, olives and navy blue will look good.

Red blends in with cream very well too.

It depends on what style your after.

Answer #4

Cream opens a lot of doors - you can go with sky blue for a soft look, or wine red for something more bold….if it’s a solid cream colour, you can even allow yourself to indulge in floral patterns or coloured stripes.

Answer #5

Olive green, brown, tomato red and pastels all go great. Pair it off with the right accessories and you’ll be set

Answer #6

White it will make not look too overwelmed

Answer #7

I’d say black, so you could dress it up with accessories, and keep on trend.

Answer #8

black and accessories for something simple Something like red if you want to brighten up a little bit

Answer #9

thank u all so much for the wonderful answers and response,..i really appreciate. thanx alot.

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