What's the fastest way to remove a hicky?

Answer #1

You can’t remove a hicky….you have to wait for it to fade.

Answer #2

well there are little tricks that supposedly work fast. Ice on it, Freeze a spoon and put the pressure on it (this will make it more visable for a short while but its supposed to make it heal faster) there are how to videos on youtube you should check out for more little tricks and how to do them, but theres no miracle removal tip that will get rid of it, just do what you can and cover it up

Answer #3

well like not remove pero like make it fade a way faster cause ive tryed the penny with vix but tha aint helpinq

Answer #4

You’re better just to cover it, rather than try and make it go away. I’ve heard putting ice on it straight away can help, but it didn’t make a difference for me.

Answer #5

pos ive tryed the penny with vix pero idkk to me it dont seem to be workin just makn it worse.

Answer #6

Toothpaste helps

Answer #7

I’m doubtful of that.

Answer #8

worked for me

Answer #9

Apply A cold pack. it restricts blood vessles and keepts it from getting more red. a warm pack after will help get blood flowing and ease the bruise.

Answer #10

pos i need something tha really works cause i need to take this hickey off. just toothpast by it self, wha kinda toothpast.

Answer #11

i used colgate

Answer #12

Try covering it with foundation, you can’t remove it.

Answer #13

unfortunantly you cant, a hicky is a bruise and they’ll take around 2 weeks to go away. however next time it happens you can actually prevent it from showing up. theres a popular cremem (i cant remember what its called but i huse it, its name is something like “hydruid”. and when put over the hicky BEFORE it shows up, it will prvent it from showing up, you’ll still get a bruise but it will pretty much be invisible to see

Answer #14

Clear eyes or any eye drop that is used for red itchy eyes. The eye drops shrink the capillaries that are responsible for the redness of a hickey. Apply it a few times to the area and it should clear right up. Courtesy of my A&P teacher in high school! lol I tried it and it works!

Answer #15

cocealer, foundation powder? act like its a zit.

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