Which is better for scrunching/curling hair, mousse or hair spray?

Answer #1

Depends if you want to scrunch your hair to make it look curly i would say mousse, but if you want your hair to have that spiral curly effect i would use hair spray.

Answer #2

well both if you really want the crunchy look….why not just curl your hair with a flat iron or curling iron…guys like the natural look wayyy more than the over-done with product hairstyle. But if you insist, after you get out of the shower run gel through your hair, flip your hair over, run more gel through the under side, repeat with mousse, then give it a good spray with hair spray at arms length to set the crunch in all day.

Answer #3

it takes too long for me to curl my hair, it takes like 45 minutes or more, scrunching is easier for school but thanks :)

Answer #4

okayy thanks :)

Answer #5


Answer #6

Or when you get out of the shower just put mousse in your hair and blow dry with a hair dryer at the same time scrunching your hair up, instead using so much gel products in your hair.

Answer #7

i just do it the night before, then do a few touch ups before i leve the house.

Answer #8

probably both.and a good pick hahah.

Answer #9

you could use both .. after your out the shower you put mousse in your hair then you flip do all that stuff , hair spray it crunch it flip and you already know lol then blow dry it :)

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