How do I make these shoes quit squeaking?

I’ve tried any and everything I can think of! Nothing seems to help.

Answer #1

Are they new? They may just need wearing in.

Answer #2

I got these for Christmas in 2007. Wear them all the time. They are a pair of leather Justin chukkas.

Answer #3

Ah right, I know baby power is supposed to sometimes help…just can’t remember where you put it. Silicone spray can also help sometimes.

Answer #4

I have tried the baby powder but not the silicone spray. ill let ya know how that goes :)

Answer #5

Good, hope it works well. :]

Answer #6

this may sound weird but just put lotion on the bottom of the shoes. then wear it around the house. it will sort of clean them and make it stop squeaking most of the time

Answer #7


Answer #8

no problem; let me know if it helps :)

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